Written Update - 18th February 2015 Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh

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Feb 19, 2015

Written Update - 18th February 2015 Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh (By sanchi)

Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh 18th February 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nani pacifying Shobha. Garima and Sanjay sort their issues. He apologizes to her and she says we learnt one thing that our relation is not strong, and we need to make it very strong to not be affected by any such thing. He says he will change and become mature, as she wants him to be. He will become responsible towards their baby and they argue over having son and daughter. They finalize the baby names and look happy. They smile and hug.

Vinita apologizes to Saurabh. He scolds her and says Sanjay is like our son and you tried to kill his baby, what will you get to rule here, when no one respects you, now I understand why we did not get child, as you should have heart, think about Garima, when she came to know you tried to harm her baby. She says forgive me, I wont do this again. He says you did not accept them, the one who try to burn others home, their home burns first. She asks him to stop. He says he will not kick her out, so he will stay in living room, not with her in their bedroom.

Vikram and Ketan have a talk. Ketan says Samarth is filing case for kids custody, I m tensed, as he will prove Shobha is not a good mum, and she is characterless with many affairs with you and Sandeep, he will get any proof. Nani curses Samarth. Ketan says I did not see such a creep in my career, I m saying this so that you get prepared, do anything to get the kids custody. Nani asks Vikram and Ketan to do anything. Shobha hears everything and panics. She says its the limit. She says she will meet Samarth. Vikram says I will come along and Ketan stops him asking him not to make any issue.

Shobha goes home and talks to Sharda. She says the relation is over, I m fed up to bear it now, only I kept it, not him. Sharda says Samarth may come anytime, just go. Shobha meets the kids and smiles seeing them sleeping. She says I love you so much and can fight with the world. She tells Sharda to think how can she stay without the kids. Samarth comes home and Sharda asks her to leave.

Samarth insults Shobha and asks why is she taking kids, when she has not time for them, and she stays with her lover. Shobha scolds him and he accepts that he planted the camera and made the MMS. Sharda hears everything standing far. Shobha says you have beaten me, touched me against my will, ruined my respect, but I will not let you take the kids. She says she will never harm him and just give the kids to me. Samarth says I just started troubling you. Sharda cries. Vikram is restless and Nani asks him to stay at home.

Shobha says you dont know my strength, I will fight for my kids, I wont be quiet. He reminds her the day when he has beaten her. She says I remember. He says he will not leave her. Vikram comes and asks Shobha to come with him, she will get the kids. Samarth asks them to go their home and talk. Samarth tells Sharda to see how shameless is Shobha. Sharda slaps him and says you crossed all limits, I m shocked. I trusted you again, Shobha told me she is innocent, but I did not trust her, you made her MMS and blamed her to be characterless. She cries.

Saurabh asks Vinita not to help him, and taunts him. She says sorry. He says apologize to Sanjay and Garima, not me. She says yes, I will. He says Garima was going through pain when you were breaking their marriage. He leaves and she cries. Shobha tells Vikram that her kids are his weakness, she will not lose and she always pushed him away when he helped her, but this time she wants his help. He says the kids deserve to be with you. Nani says I m also with you.

Shobha gives her gold ring and says she does not have money to file legal case. He says I would have slapped you, you insulted me and our friendship. He says I m with you and makes her wear the ring. Nani thinks they got related unintentionally and smiles. They hold hands and look at each other.


Vikram gets the IT raid at his home and office.


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