Written Update - 25th February 2015 Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh

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Feb 26, 2015

Written Update - 25th February 2015 Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh (By sanchi)

Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh 25th February 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shobha and Nani being shocked to see Vikram and Sarika engaged. Nani asks whats happening. Sarika says bless us Nani. Nani scolds her and says she knows its her big plan, why did she come back in Vikrams life. She asks Vikram how can he get engaged to Sarika, the girl who has hurt his self esteem, how can he marry her, when he could not tell Shobha his feelings, what did she say to blackmail you. Vikram says I did this by my wish. Nani says no, you cant do this, dont do this. Sarika sees Shobha and asks her to hear that they are marrying, and taunts her. She requests her to come in their marriage as she is from both sides. Nani says lets go Shobha, I cant bear this. They leave.

Jia plays video game and gets scolded by Samarth. Sharda sends her and scolds Samarth. Samarth argues and leaves annoyed. Sharda feels she should have supported Shobha, she did a mistake to support her son. Shobha asks Nani not to take stress. Nani is very disturbed seeing Sarika with Vikram. Shobha says Vikram used to hate Sarika, why did he get engaged, there is some secret. She says he is doing this in pressure. Nani says I will never accept her as my bahu.

Sanjay makes Garima sit and takes care of her. Garima says I m not ill. Sanjay says let me do it when I m getting chance, I will not leave you alone, I promise. He says he was feeling guilty to not take care of her before. She says I want things to get fine between Saurabh and Vinita, I made him stay in this house but they are living as strangers. He says I know you will solve their fight, I m not tensed. Sarika tells Vikram to come home, and take Nanis blessings. He says you know how Nani will react. He says he wants proof to help Shobha. She says you will get all proofs against marriage, come with me. The detective hears this and says I should tell this to Samarth.

Shobha asks Nani not to worry and let Vikram come home. Vikram and Sarika come home and Shobha is shocked. Sarika asks her why is she upset, she will talk to Nani. Nani scolds Sarika. Sarika asks her to bless her. Nani says I can curse you, just leave. Sarika says we are one family now, you have to accept Vikrams choice. She asks Vikram to explain Nani. Nani says yes he has to explain how he got engaged to her, and takes Vikram to talk. The detective calls Samarth, while Samarth is in meeting with Tiwari. He takes the call and the detective says I came to know why Vikram is calling Sarika. Samarth says great, I will call in sometime. Tiwari says we have to win this elections.

Sarika talks to Shobha and acts sweet. Shobha scolds her. Sarika apologizes to her. Sarika says I love Vikram a lot, Samarth has manipulated me, but now Vikram is with me as misunderstanding got cleared. Shobha says it has your benefit and you are acting. Sarika says enough, respect my love, see this ring, Vikram and I love each other a lot. She gets angry. Nani tells Vikram that she will not bless Sarika. She asks why did he get engaged to her, what was the reason. Vikram says I love Sarika a lot. Nani says lie to someone else, what about feelings for Shobha, so you love both of them. He says he cant tell her. She asks him to say will he marry Sarika. He says its a compromise. She says she will not accept Sarika and curse her. Vikram says how to tell Nani that this is imp to save Shobha.

The detective meets Samarth and tells everything. Samarth is shocked and says such a cheat Sarika. We both have framed Shobha and she wants to expose me, I will see her. Sarika asks Nani to bless her and acts good. Nani scolds her and says get out. Sarika says I m Vikrams life partner now. She requests her to come in their marriage. She asks Shobha to take care of her Vikram till she comes in this house. She leaves.

Sarika comes home and Samarth confronts her, saying he will bless her on her marriage. She says she does not need. He scolds her and asks what proof she has against him, she did deal with Vikram, she wont be alive. She smiles and says Vikram agreed to marry me, he is imp for me, stop me if you can. He says remember I will not leave you. She says oh I got scared, I m more ahead than you. He says I should get all proofs, not Vikram. She says she is not so mad. He says he got Rakhi from her to protect her, and he can forget this. She says I can forget that I have tied Rakhi to you, dont be foolish to underestimate me, get out of my room. He says you will not live now. She smiles.


Vikram talks to Samarth and says Sarika will give me proof. Samarth says you will be ruined, Sarika has killed her husband. Vikram is shocked.

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