Written Update - 2nd March 2015 Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh

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Mar 3, 2015

Written Update - 2nd March 2015 Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh (By sanchi)

Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh 2nd March 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ketan talking to Shobha and asking her to realize that she and Vikram are made for each other. She asks him not to start it again. He asks her to deceive Samarth by cracking a deal with him, which will make him go against Sarika. She says then she will be same like Samarth. Ketan convinces her to do this to save Vikram from Sarika. She agrees.

Garima brings Vinita to a gynac and the doctor says she can become couple by the treatment, why did you not come before. Vinita says I did not know this, Garimja got me here. She asks is she your sister. Vinita says no, sister in law but more than sister. She apologizes to Garima as she tried to harm her baby. Garima says I m waiting for reports. Vinita says if I also get pregnant, then there will be much happiness at home.

The goons keep Sarika captive. She says she killed Abhay and so she is being punished, she wishes even Samarth should face this. She tries to free herself. The goons say they will kill her now and aim gun. She says let me free please and cries. The inspector calls Samarth and says his sister Sarika complaint about her kidnapping. Samarth denies and thinks he will not leave her now.

Vinita says you name my baby Garima. Garima smiles and says yes, you name mine. They are happy. Vinita says Garima will become a good mum, as she has so much goodness and patience. The goons ask Sarika to be ready to die. Samarth comes and stops them, scolding why did they not receive call when he can calling him. Sarika scolds him for doing this kidnapping. He says stop it, I came to save you. She says I m sure you came to save yourself, as police is after you.

Nani says she cant accept Sarika as her bahu. Vikram says he has to marry Sarika for Shobhas sake. He says I know, but you cant do suicide. He says you taught me if anyone is jumping in well to save someone else, then thats right. Samarth cracks a deal and asks her to listen to her plan, she will marry Vikram and then give her the proof, we will show hatred towards each other, I will blackmail Vikram and he will never leave you. She says deal and they shake hands.


Shobha asks Samarth is he going to jail, and he did not leave any option. She shows the Cd and says Sarika gifted me this as I did her ghatbandhan. He is shocked.


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