Written Update - 3rd March 2015 Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh

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Mar 4, 2015

Written Update - 3rd March 2015 Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh (By sanchi)

Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh 3rd March 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vinita thinking that the reports should be positive and she will give the good news to Saurabh. She thinks she should make something good today to make him happy. Saurabh comes and she says she wants just once chance from him, even Garima and Sanjay have forgiven her. He gives her the divorce papers and says we cant be together now, why this marriage drama if we cant stay under one roof. She says she is his wife and she loves him. He says I m glad we dont have kid, as it would have been problem in divorce. Vinita cries and calls Garima.

She shows the divorce papers and Garima is shocked too. Saurabh says Vinita does not know about relations, what she did with you, has permanently damaged our relation, I can never forgive her. He leaves. Garima consoles Vinita. Vinita says you tell him we went to clinic, I can also become mum, he will forgive me. Garima says I will talk to him and hugs her. Sarika thinks its just one night and then tomorrow will be beautiful, and I will always remember it. She colors her nails. Samarth comes and she says she is becoming bride tomorrow, and invites him to do her kanyadaan.

He says why not, you are my younger sister. She asks him that he has more interest to burn Vikram and Shobhas love in her marriage mandap fire. He says yes, we will celebrate. She says I wish everything goes on well tomorrow. He says its all fine when we both are together, we should not double cross. She says yes, its out benefit to be together. He leaves. She thinks once she gets married, she will erase Shobhas name from Vikrams heart. She sends a romantic message to him.

Its morning, Vinita packs her bag and signs the divorce papers. She asks Saurabh to sign infront of her, and he takes the papers. Garima asks him not to sign. Sanjay takes the papers and asks is he fine, its wrong, you taught me that forgiving is big. He says we have forgiven her, why cant you, she is part of our family and life, give her once chance, you are bringing your ego in this, if you are not hapopy, we cant be happy. Garima says please agree for our sake, dont do this.

She gets a call from nurse and she tells about Vinitas report and she can conceive. Garima gets happy and says thanks, we will come. She tells Saurabh that its big news, this time you can give her a chance for your and Vinitas baby. They are shocked. Saurabh asks what do you want to say. Garima says she went to fertility clinic with Vinita and her reports are normal, she can become a mother. Saurabh is shocked and Sanjay asks him to forgive Vinita now.

Vinita cries and asks him to think once. She says I love you and want to start family with you. Saurabh smiles and hugs her. He says I love you too, but promise me you wont let that Vinita come before m again. She says never. He says I m so happy and tears the divorce papers. He thanks Garima for bringing happiness. Sanjay hugs her. Garima says Vinitas love won today. They all smile.

Sarika gets ready in bridal dress and asks Sharda will she not bless her. Sharda calls her a liar and cheater, she will not bless her. She says she should be with her in her marriage. The kids wish her all the best and Sarika thanks them. Vikram thinks about Shobha and recalls her words. He gets ready as the groom. The pandit says everyone is ready and bride has taken her place. Vikram says I can do anything for you Shobha.

Sarika talks to Shobha. Shobha asks her not to marry Vikram, as this will ruin his life. Sarika says I m ready and you think I wil change my mind. Shobha cracks a deal asking her to take Vikram and give him Samarth as she wants to take revenge from him. Shobha tells Samarth that she has done the ghatbandhan and come along to wish him, as he does not have much time free as he is going to jail. He laughs and she says you did not leave any option now. He asks what will she do. She shows fake Cd and pics saying Sarika has given this, as I have done her ghatbandhan. He is shocked.


Shobha asks Samarth to sit in jail and plan. Ketan brings the police and Samarth and Sarika get tensed.


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