Balika Vadhu-Kacchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte Written Updates/Synopsis

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Written Updates/Synopsis

27th June 2015 Balika Vadhu

Episode starts with Pooja and Mannu taking rest. Nimboli and Disa decide to play with the dolls and do a mock wedding of Kundan. Kamli tells Pushkar's mother that she is upset about her parents getting Kundan married again although Nimboli is still there. She gives Kamli the girl's parents phone number and asks her to inform them about Kundan's marital status. Disa and Nimboli get dressed as Harki and Akhiraj for the mock wedding. Pooja refuses Mannu's plan to get married as they are still under age. Mannu tells her that they need to get married due to their circumstances. Jagya tells that Mannu took half the money from his wallet. Everyone get worried as Dadisa gets a fainting spell due to Mannu's tension. Someone knocks at the door while Disa and Nimboli are doing the mock wedding. While the pheras are going on, Kamli calls the girl's parents to tell them that Kundan is already married.

26th June 2015 Balika Vadhu

Episode starts with Disa and Nimboli planning to enjoy since no one is at home. Anandi informs Jagya and others that Mannu and Ganga eloped because of the way they dealt with them. Dadisa tells Jagya to look for Mannu. Pooja and Mannu reach Jhalra village where Nimboli and Disa have gone to meet the temple priest. Pooja and Mannu book a room as a couple in a dharamshala. Disa tells the priest about Nimboli's plight with her in laws. The priest agrees to give Sindoor for Kundan's second marriage. Jagya comes to know through CCTV footage that Mannu and Pooja boarded the same bus for Jhalra that he took on his way to work. Sarita and Ganga blame each other for Mannu and Pooja's incident. Jagya comes home and tells them about Mannu and Pooja being in Jhalra village. Someone knocks at the door while Nimboli and Disa are playing with the dolls.

30th May 2015 Balika Vadhu

Episode starts with Kamli remembers how Akhiraj killed Gopal. Anandi gets bad intuition about Nandini. Disa attends to Nimboli who has high fever because of what she saw happening to Gopal. Kamli is shocked to see Gopal's body hung on the tree outside her house while his parent's mourn for him. Nimboli faints after getting delirious. Akhiraj doesn't allow Kamli to see Gopal's body. Harki tries to stop Kamli from attending to Nimboli. Gopal's father question villagers because no one tried to save Gopal. Akhiraj comes there with his men and tells that anyone who gives witness will also killed. Akhiraj tells police that Gopal hanged himself. Nimboli tells that Akhiraj killed Gopal.

29th May 2015 Balika Vadhu

Episode starts with Kamli begging Akhiraj to spare them but he takes out his sword. Akhiraj cuts the rope instead and tells Gopal and Kamli to run away if they really love each other, while others object. Akhiraj throws the sword at Gopal and kills him. Akhiraj is about to kill Kamli too but Disa gets into her Devi avatar to save her. Disa as Devi tells Akhiraj that he will be ruined if he kills Kamli. A lady informs Gopal's mother that Akhiraj killed Gopal. Disa tells the maid that she felt bad she couldn't save Gopal. She tells that the guilt will remain with her lifelong. Akhiraj washes himself in public with water after killing Gopal. Kamli sees Gopal's parents crying and Gopal's body hanging from the tree. Disa sees Kamli about to hang herself.

28th May 2015 Balika Vadhu

Episode starts with Disa taking Nimboli back home. Akhiraj and his men run after Gopal and Kamli who escaped again. Kamli and Gopal hide but the men find them again. Kamli gets hurt with a stone so Gopal carries her and runs. Akhiraj throws a log at Gopal and stops him. Ganga is unable to tell Jagya again about Ratan Singh since Jagya is busy. Gopal and Kamli are brought to the village. Gopal begs to give Kamli but he is beaten up. Kamli tells Akhiraj that she loves Gopal a lot and begs him to forgive them. Harki requests Akhiraj who has removed his sword to leave them. Akhiraj tells Gopal to run away with Kamli if he really loves her.

27th May 2015 Balika Vadhu

Episode starts with Ratan Singh apologising to Ganga for all past mistakes. Ratan Singh begs her to allow Mannu to meet him but walks away. Akhiraj's men continue searching Gopal and Kamli at the fair. Anandi remembers Nandini while seeing Nimboli dancing. Akhiraj's men informs him that they found Gopal and Kamli and they are going to the temple for prayers. Anandi and Shivam leave without attending the prayers. Akhiraj and Anandi cross paths without seeing each other. Nurse informs Ganga that Ratan Singh's condition is getting worse. Mannu comes to the hospital but Ganga sends him away to avoid meeting Ratan Singh. Akhiraj and his men come to the temple and see Gopal and Kamli. Gopal fights the men and warns Kamli to run. Akhiraj comes before Kamli and Gopal. Akhiraj throws a log at Gopal who is running away with Kamli.

23rd May 2015 Balika Vadhu

Episode starts with Akhiraj blaming Harki for Kamli's mistake. Harki takes out her frustration on her maid and realises that Nimboli is involved in Kamli's eloping but Disa saves her. Nimboli sees Harki crying for Kamli. Anandi tells Shivam about the character of the upcoming serial Thapki Pyaar Ki and the timings. Ganga meets Sarita and Pooja and scolds them for telling Mannu about Anandi and Shiv. Sarita slaps Pooja for this. Anandi sees Ganga leaving angrily and Anandi comes to know from Pooja as Pooja apologises to her. Other neighbours question Harki why the boy's family has not come for the wedding. Disa tells them that the wedding is called off and Akhiraj tells them to leave. Gopal takes Kamli and hides in an empty bus when he sees Akhiraj's men looking for them. The men search another bus and don't find them. Disa and Nimboli meet Kamli and Gopal at the fair. Akhiraj and his men go to the same place.

16th May 2015 Balika Vadhu

Episode starts with Harki telling Disa that they are getting Kundan married again to someone else. Gopal makes fun of Kamli. Disa is happy that Nimboli will be free from Kundan soon. Mannu asks Jagya and Ganga why Anandi and Shivam left them but they don't tell him the truth. Dadisa leaves early to give prasad to Anandi and Shivam. Kamli also makes fun of Gopal and a puppy takes Gopal's clothes away. Harki tells Nimboli to come with her to Kamli's room. Harki is shocked to see that Kamli eloped and she tells Akhiraj the same. Akhiraj is shocked and speechless. Disa sees that only Nimboli is happy. Akhiraj tells his men to find Kamli soon. Akhiraj and his family go to speak to Pushkar's parents.

15th May 2015 Balika Vadhu

Episode starts with Anandi telling Jagya that she will not come back. She also tells that he is responsible for his relation problems with Ganga since he is not giving her enough time and attention. Bimla tells Anandi about meeting Mannu and she tells that she can't fulfil the promise so Jagya hears it. Jagya tells Ganga that he has decided to let Anandi stay at Shiv Niketan. They decide to spend time with each other. Gopal promises Ganga to keep her happy always. Harki and Akhiraj tell the priest to find a suitable date and bride for Kundan's wedding. They wonder how to get rid of Nimboli. Kamli tells Gopal about her fears when Akhiraj will know about them. Harki tells Nimboli not to sindoor in her hairline. Disa tells Nimboli to use bindi. Harki comes to know that Kamli is missing. Akhiraj tells his men to find her.

14th May 2015 Balika Vadhu

Episode starts with Gopal and Kamli escaping from the window while other family members are dancing. Pushkar's mother wants to see Kamli before leaving. Kamli covers her face with the saree. Gopal and Kamli are caught by the guard. Nimboli puts a black cat on the way so Harki and Pushkar's mother refuse to go to Kamli's room. Gopal acts like a eunuch to make the guard feel uncomfortable so he lets them go. Jagya comes home and Mannu tells him that Anandi and Shivam shifted to Shiv Niketan. Jagya goes to Anandi after scolding Ganga and Dadisa for Anandi leaving the house. Kamli gets emotional hidingly seeing her entire family outside the house. Anandi tells Jagya that he is responsible for tension amid Ganga and him, not her. Anandi tells Jagya to understand Ganga. Harki sees that Kamli eloped.

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