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Written Updates/Synopsis

15th May 2015 Jodha Akbar

Episode starts with Jalal's face gets dirty after Labini throws the dust on him so Jalal goes for a bath. Jodha also joins him and the two have a romantic moment together. Laboni come there and gifts a perfume to Jalal. Laboni also sees the towel which has Jalal's hair on it. Laboni goes to her mother and gives the sindoor as well as Jalal's hair and her mother does some black magic. The mother says that Jalal will be hers on full moon night which is next day. Bhagwan Das sends letter to Jodha regarding Salim and Maan Bai's wedding so Jalal and Jodha agree. Jalal is discussing politics and says that till he does not win over Maharana Pratap, he will not be able to rule India completely. Laboni comes to know that Maan Bai and her family are coming so she feels that she will have to do her work before her truth gets exposed. Salim comes to know that his marriage is getting fixed so he gets tensed. Salim tells Anarkali that he will refuse Bhagwan Das for marrying his daughter. Hoshiyar hears this and gives this news to Rukaiya. Laboini eats lunch with everyone and she eats chicken like a glutton so everyone is shocked. Jalal tells Jodha not to interfere in his matters and he walks away angrily.

14th May 2015 Jodha Akbar

Episode starts with Laboni goes to Jodha's room and the sindoor spills on the ground so Jodha thinks that it is a bad omen. Hamida tries to tie sacred thread to Laboni but Laboni gets scared and somehow manages to avoid it. Murad gets drunk and fumes that Jalal snatched away the title of next king from him and gave it to Salim. Salim and Anarkali romance each other and Salim tells Aanarkali that he will convince Jalal to accept Anarkali. Jalal asks Birbal to name his most special wife from the three special wives so Birbal takes Rukaiya's name. Later, Birbal tells Jalal that he did this to avoid Rukaiya from getting angry. Jodha and Jalal are playing chess. Suddenly Laboni stands on terrace above them and throws some mud on Jalal in order to do some black magic. Laboni eats chicken like a glutton so Jodha gets shocked.

13th May 2015 Jodha Akbar

Episode starts with Laboni's black magic fails so her mother tells her that Jalal loves someone very much and it is the power of love that spoilt her black magic. Laboni's mother tells her that she will have to go to Agra if she wants Jalal so Laboni says that she will kill the person whom Jalal loves. Jalal reminds Jodha that her sister Leela is coming to meet her after many years. Jodha and Jalal are talking and suddenly the lights of the palace go off. Later, Laboni enters the palace and a Flashback shows how Laboni somehow traps Leela and takes her place and comes to the palace. Jalal, Maan Singh and the others greet Laboni who has now come disguised as Leela. Laboni's mother also comes along with her and fakes being a dasi. Sindoor falls on the ground and Jodha thinks that it is a bad omen. Laboni thinks that soon Jodha's sindoor will be hers.

12th May 2015 Jodha Akbar

Episode starts with Jodha asks Salim why he refused to take title of next king and Salim says that he did it for his Maa Sa. Jodha is overwhelmed by his words and the mother and son have a happy reunion. Rukaiya tells Hoshiyar that she is not upset that Jalal did not divorce Jodha as she was expecting it. Rukaiya says that now she will control Salim as he does not want him to patch up with Jodha. Salim is made the next king and Jalal also gets news that pilgrimage is now open for everyone in his sultanate. Laboni's mother tells her that Jalal will be under her control from next day. Laboni's mother starts the black magic and on the other side, Jodha , Jalal and Salim also do some pooja. Laboni says that she will soon enter Jalal's life.

11th May 2015 Jodha Akbar

Episode starts with The priest tells Jalal that he has to give money to Jodha if he divorces her. Jalal offers Jodha lots of money but she does not accept it and keeps saying that she wants more money and wealth. Finally Hamida starts removing her jewellery and when she removes her earrings, Jodha takes it and she says that she wants only this. Hamida orders Jalal not to divorce Jodha. Jalal asks everyone to leave the courtroom expect his family members. Jalal ask Hamida why he should not divorce Jodha so Hamida confesses that she pressurized Jodha to change her religion. Hamida and Jodha hug each other and make up. Jalal says that he had put up a drama to divorce Jodha so that Hamida could confess her mistake. However, Jodha is angry and walks away. Jalal tries to pacify Jodha and finally they make up. Jodha is also happy when Jalal tells her that Salim has finally started calling her Maa Sa again The older Witch tells the younger one that Jalal will soon be her's forever.

7th May 2015 Jodha Akbar

Episode starts with Hamida tells Salima that if Jodha had converted earlier then none of this problem would occur. Salima say that Jodha and Jalal's relation can now get severely affected. Anarkali is happy for Salim's win but Zil tells her not to have big dreams about Salim as her dreams will never be fulfilled. Jalal tells in front of everyone that Jodha did a big sin and her punishment is that he will divorce her. Jodha goes to Jalal's room and justifies herself that she took the decision for her nation and to stop Salim and Murad from fighting against each other. Rukaiya tells Hoshiyar that she is still not happy with the turn of events as she wants to know what is going on in Jalal's mind. Jodha sits alone and thinks that she will never let Jalal divorce her. Salima tells Jalal that if he divorces his mother then he will not become next king.

7th November 2014 Jodha Akbar

Episode starts with Jalal giving permission to Ararkali to see entire palace. Anarkali complaints that a il mannered boy didn't let her see palace before. Anarkali sees little of palace and leaves saying she will see rest of palace tommorow. At night Rukiya gives opium to Salim and spies so that no one gets to know. Jalal orders Salim, Murad and Duniyal to accompany Anarkali and show her palace. Murad finds Anarkali full of attitude and makes her fall in pool on which Anarkali blames Salim. Rukiya comes and tells Salim to take revenge for his insults and gets very angry on Anarkali. Rukiya gives opium to Salim in Ladoo and makes him sleep with her.

6th November 2014 Jodha Akbar

Today's (06.11.2014) Jodha Akbar featuring and Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) episode written update (written episode) begins with Jalal giving province of Punjab to Salim and setting salaries of his all heirs. Jalal declares that his son has sat on thrown first time and now he will sit in court to see its working. Few defaulters are bought in court, who were causing fights in general public igniting them. Akbar punishes them to be killed under elephant feet. Salim stands up and request Jalal not to be cruel if they are bad and remind him that saviour is greater than killer. Jalal takes the suggestion as first verdict from Salim and changes his decision for defaulters and punishes them lifetime jail. Jalal calls for celebration where Tansen's men miss to sing in between and Nadira takes up and sing in court. Rukiya begum makes Salim drink opium after which he gets semi-conscious and Jalal comes just then.

5th November 2014 Jodha Akbar

Episode starts with Salim helping Anarkali win a prize by shot. Anarkali instead hands over gift to Salim. Anarkali visits Salim's stall and buys an utensils in return of which Salim bites on her hands instead of kissing. Salim lies on Jodha's bed and insisting to listen story from her tonight. Salim share his happiness seeing the crowd at thier stall. Jalal comes and tell Salim to sleep early as he has to be present in Diwane khas next day. Salim thinks he will be punished for eating mangoes but instead Jalal declared Salim next king and gives him his crown. Jalal tells Salim that now it's his responsibility to take care of safety of all ladies and his younger brothers. Salim cutely says that only his grandmother is his responsibility. Everyone gives blessing to Salim. Rukiya thinks that she will steal Salim for herself always. Jalal gives harsh punishment to few soldiers on which Salim resist to Jalal to change his decision.

4th November 2014 Jodha Akbar

Today's (04.11.2014) Jodha Akbar featuring and Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) episode written update (written episode) begins with Rukiya smoking and thinking about Jalal's decision according to which only mothers can put stall in Meena bazar. Jodha also thinks that Rukiya must be angry and goes to Jalal to talk about the matter. Jalal convinces her that he will take acre of matter as his decision is for kid's happiness. Rukiya comes and suggest if both Jodha and she can sit together with Salim on his stall on which Jalal feels delighted. Salim sells utensils with Jodha and Rukiya. People kept crowding Salim's stall and few ladies asks kiss on their hand from Salim as a bribe to buy his utensils. Murad and Daniyal sells Ladoo and keeps fighting among themselves. Haider sells mud toys with his mother Zaveda but breaks his own toys seeing Salim stall being crowded. Rukiya looks at Opium and thinks its dangerous powder which can make anyone addicted. Rukiya thinks to make Salim addicted to opium.

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