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Written Updates/Synopsis

19th September 2014 Beintehaa

Episode starts with Aaliya informs her parents about moving to Zain's house. Shabana initially disagrees but Ghulam makes her understand. Surriya and Zarina have a conversation where Zarina consoles Surriya that their will find out a way to let Aaliya out of Zain's life. Zarina gets shocked to know that Surriya has invited Rahman to Mumbai along with them. Zarina tells to herself that she has been serving Surayya since one year and will not let Rahman ruin her plan. Surriya along with others reach home. Zain tells Surriya that he wants to get Aaliya back home. Surriya slaps Zain and tells that he wants to get Usman's culprit home. Nafisa tries to defend Zain but Surriya tells that anyone who favors Aaliya can leave the house. Surriya tells that Aaliya will have to get married to someone and get divorced before marrying Zain.

18th September 2014 Beintehaa

Episode starts with Aaliya running towards Dhaba knowing that Zain is caught in fire. Zain tries to free himself from the fire. Aaliya reaches the spot and sees everything burnt and Zain fixing the board of the Dhaba. Aaliya tells Zain that she loves him. Zain carries Aaliya in her arms and asks her to come home along with him. Fahad shouts at Bilal for setting fire on the Dhaba. Surriya gets happy when Fahad tells her that Zain is returning home with them. Surriya meets Rahman and asks him to accompany him to Mumbai. Aaliya visits Rahma and informs him about her and Zain's reunion.Surriya gets shocked to see Zain and Aaliya hugging each other. Aaliya informs his parents that she wants to go back to Zain. Surriya slaps Zain when he tells that he wants to get Aaliya back.

17th September 2014 Beintehaa

Episode starts with Surriya asks Aaliya to leave and not to interfere in their family matter. Surriya shouts at Zarina for telling lies and gives her a last chance to improve. Zarina acts to cry and convince to forgive her. Zarina tells to herself that she will reveal the secret of Surriya in front of everyone.Fahad is been brainwashed by Zarina and Bilal. Zarina tells that he will handle the land matter and for that he needs 50 lakhs and Fahad agrees. Aaliya calls the Dhaba and without saying anything Zain recognizes it to be Aaliya. Zain tells the story to Aaliya over the phone.Zain tells Aaliya that he will wait for her tonight in the Dhaba. Aaliya sees of Rehan and his family for Mumbai. Aaliya is been informed about the fire in the Dhaba and Zain in caught in fire.

16th September 2014 Beintehaa

Episode starts with Aaliya asks Zain why he gave up his shares for the property. Zain says that he wants to unite her and her family. Zain is about to leave but stops mid-way and comes back saying that he will not go anywhere and will not repeat the same mistake as her. Suraiya tears the property papers saying that they are of no use as Zain has gone closer to Aaliya. Aaliya tells Zain that she is ready to go with him but now she will believe that she has lost her self- respect. Zain feels sad and says that he will leave her but on one condition that she will not cry after he leaves. Raheem Chacha comes to Aaliya and says that he wants to thank Rehaan for making him win the chit fund fraud case. Raheem reveals to Aaliya that his wife is Suraiya's sister Zarina who trapped him and ran away with his money. Aaliya tells Zarina about Raheem and Zarina ask Aaliya to back off from her life. Precap: Servant informs Aaliya about fire in the dhaba.

15th September 2014 Beintehaa

Episode starts with Fahad tells Surriya that Zain is ruining his life for Love. Aaliya gets Zain and tells Surriya that she has challenged Zain to give back her Dhaba or else leave her life permanently. Aaliya prays to god that Zain should leave her forever. Zain gets confused and thinks who he should choose Aaliya or Surriya. Aaliya and Zain cry remembering the past moments. Zain informs Aaliya that he has choosen his family and his family is Aaliya. Aaliya tears the Dhaba papers and throws in the air and tells that he always create and breaks the relationship as per his convince. Aaliya tells Zain to leave and tells him that he lost the challenge. Rehan tells Aaliya that she is doing mistake in understanding Zain. Aaliya gets shocked to know that Zain left his whole property to save her Dhaba. Zain asks Aaliya to come along with him and Aaliya agrees.

12th September 2014 Beintehaa

Episode starts with Aaliya asks his employee to take Zain outside as both of them will go out together. Aaliya makes Zain jump from a height. Zain pulls Aaliya along with him. Zain and Aaliya both drop in the pool. Zain opens his blind forth sees another girl who blames Zain was teasing her. Aaliya denies knowing Zain when Zain tells everyone that Aaliya is her wife. Zarina clashes with Raheem and hides her face, but he identifies her. Surriya hears Raheem calling Zarina. Aaliya makes Zain realize how it feels when someone leaves you when you needed the person the most. Surriya tells Zarina that she wants to win against Aaliya and destroy her life. Aaliya overhears the conversation. Aaliya tells Zain to return the Dhaba to her or take the Dhaba and leave her.

11th September 2014 Beintehaa

Episode starts with Aaliya slapping Zain. Aaliya feels bad about slapping Zain. Zain asks forgiveness from Aaliya and tells that he is ready to bear the punishment. Aaliya tells Zain that he needs to fulfill three challenges to get her forgiveness. Zain accepts it. Surriya gets angry knowing that the inspector did not complete the inspection due to romance between Zain and Aaliya Aaliya orders Zain to cut all the vegetables needed in the Dhaba. Surriya asks Rehan to make Aaliya understand to vacate the Dhaba. Rehan tells Surriya that he will always stand with Aaliya and not against her. Aaliya blindfoldes Zain and asks him to cut vegetables. Zain's finger gets cut. Zarina clashes with Raheem and hides her face, but he identifies her.

10th September 2014 Beintehaa

Episode starts with Surriya gives a box to Bilal and asks her to deliver it in Aaliya's Dhaba. Bilal leaves rats in Aaliya's dhaba.Aaliya gets surprised to see Zain getting the hens. Aaliya asks Zain to remove the jeera from the Jeera rice. Zain removes his shirt as he feels hot and Aaliya shouts at him and asks him to wear his shirt. Zain tries to get close to Aaliya and Aaliya remembers the past moments .Aaliya gets emotional and hugs Zain. Aaliya gets surprised to see rats in the Dhaba and sees the food inspector coming for checking. Aaliya tells Zain if food inspector sees the rats the Dhaba will get closed. Zain tries to get romantic and make noises of making love with Aaliya to stop inspector from inspection. Zain asks Aaliya to forgive him and give him a last chance. Aaliya slaps Zain when he tries to stop her. Zain tells Aaliya that she can punish him but give him a chance to forgive.

9th September 2014 Beintehaa

Episode starts with Zara tells Surriya that Aaliya is not married to Rehan. Surriya gets shocked. Zara tells that Zain was standing infront of Aaliya's house since last night. Rehan's father informs Rehan that Ghulam had got proposal of Aaliya for her. Rehan tells that the marriage of his and Aaliya cannot happen. Aaliya tries not to keep Zain for work but the workers support Zain and keep him for work. Bilal gets a parcel for Surriya and sees the number plate. Surriya gets scared remembering the accident. The egg dealer asks Zain to catch hen for Aaliya's Dhaba.Zain drops the hen stand by mistake and all hens run away. Zain runs behind the hens to catch them. Surriya tells Zarina that she will do anything not to get Aaliya and Zain together. Zain and Aaliya have an argument when Aaliya asks Zain to wear his shirt while cooking

8th September 2014 Beintehaa

Episode starts with Zain comes to Aaliya's house and questions her why she is staying in her parents house after marriage. Zain tells Aaliya that he knows the truth and requests her to give one more chance and he will make everything better. Aaliya rejects Zain's offer and tells him that she also needs respect including love which he does not have. Aaliya shows Zain the door and asks him to leave.Aaliya and Zain remember the past and cry. Zain sits outside Aaliya's house in the rain and asks Aaliya to forgive him when she sees him. Aaliya gets into the auto and gets surprised to see Zain as Auto driver. Zarina tells a plan to Bilal and asks to act as per the plan. Zain tries to catch hen. Surriya gets to know that Rehan is not married to Aaliya

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