SS - Off Gamble's and Love

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Mar 27, 2015

SS - Off Gamble's and Love (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 43 times)

  SS - Off Gamble’s and Love

Character Sketch 

Arnav Singh Raizada -  At 28 years of age, he is one of the most successful businessmen of the country.Reputed for his hardwork, and passion to excel in everything that he does, he has built  the Raizada empire, taken it to new heights, after his father handed him the reins, four years ago. He loves his family to bits.He is arrogant, and selfish, when it comes down to business.When it comes to the matters of the heart, he is a believer in Love, but he is not a hopeless romantic.He has seen his parents have a happy marriage, and also witnessed the very same for his sister, so he does plan to get settled, sometime in Life,but wants to use his brain for the very same, because he believes that Marriage and also Love, perhaps , is one of the biggest gamble’s of one’s Life and you gotta play your cards well. He had his share of flings, back at Harvard, but then ever since he moved back to India, for good, he knew, he had no time for anything, but his work.

Khushi Gupta - She is 24 years old.She is full of life, happy go lucky girl, lives in Paris, with her aunt and uncle, who have adopted her, after the death of her parents, in a car accident.She is very close to her aunt, and her cousin brother Aman, who is her pillar of  strength.She has just finished her MBA from Insead,France, a highly reputed business school.She has got herself a job, as a assistant marketing manager, at a top fashion house, in Paris.When it comes to the matter of the heart, she has been in a few, but have ended sourly,mostly because of her phobia for commitments, things are very complex for her, when it comes to the matter of the heart, because of her own insecurities.

The rest of the character’s will be introduced as the story progresses.


The two are destined to meet, and sparks are meant to fly.

But is it going to be all easy?? Maybe not, for one is sorted and practical, and another is just complexed and emotional.

That’s the catch , you know, Maybe in Love, you gotta have your cards right, for its your Heart at stake, and whats Love, without some Gambling in between the hearts.

Its the journey of two hearts, where their path is marked , Off Gambles and Love.


I plan to make this a  SS, not very long, and I will try to update, as often as I can.

Let me know what you guys think of the outline!!

Much Love



Mar 27, 2015

Off Gamble's and Love - Take 1 (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 32 times)

Take 1 


Raizada Mansion - New Delhi

Arnav’s POV

I looked at my watch, as I entered my room, it was 10.30 pm.And I really was tired, the past few weeks or rather months, i should say, had been really hectic.Dad really was proud, that AR designs, has reached to new heights, along with The Raizada Industries, in terms of its diversification into various industries.Ever Since, Dad handed me the reings of the Raizada Emprie, since I returned from Harvard , five years ago, I had dedicated every ounce of my hard work towards, taking dad’s hardwork to newer heights, and I knew I was succeeding, and I was proud of what I had accomplasihed, just like my family was.

I loosened up my tie, and sat down on my bed for a while, and I was glad, Maa and Dad had stepped out for a dinner party, so that I could use this time for myself. Off late, I had been working 24/7, and  sometimes, I just feel, Like I should give myself a break, but then everytime, something would come up, and I would give in to work again.I do not complain, as my work is my passion, but now that probably I had successfully managed to get AR Designs, back into its Number 1 position, from its ranked no 2 last year, for the first time ever, I think Di was right.Maybe I really could use a break right now.

Right then my phone rang, and I picked it up - “ Hi Lavannya…how are you??”

“I am good, ASR, how have you been??”

“Good, so whats this about??”

Well, I was wondering, about the success party tomorrow, at AR”

“Yeah what about it??”

“I was wondering if we could go together, ASR??”

“I don’t know, Lavanya, because I am not sure, I will be attending…”

“ What do you mean?? Its a success party for all your hard work…you cannot possibly not attend it….and please, don’t get the wrong idea, I am not asking you to take me as your date,as friends, and business asscociates…”

I felt a little at ease, as I heard that - “ yeah, alright, maybe then we could, I am sorry Lavanaya, I just…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, you dont want me to get the wrong idea, just like I did in the past…”


“Don’t worry, I wont, ASR, see you tomorrow…”

“See you.”

I finally change for the night, and lie down in bed, and before I know it, sleep takes over, it had been a long long day.


Next Day -9.00 AM

Arnav walked down the stairs , and he saw his family was already at the breakfast table, it was a ritual, amongst them, that no matter, what, if they all were in town, they would always have breakfast together.

Arun Raizada was a proud father and, the minute he spotted his son, he got up and pulled him into a instant hug - “ I am proud of you son….”

Ratna grinned as she kissed her Chotte, on his head - “ he's been chanting that, ever since he read the newspaper this morning….”

Arun grinned - “ But what I want to know is, why didn't you tell me about this , yesterday??”

Before Arnav could say anything, he heard his sister chime in as she entered through the doors, and joined them - “ And miss that look on your face?? No way Paa, Chotte, wanted you to find out on your own…”, she smiled as she hugged her brother - “Congratulations, chotte, AR back at no 1, and its all because of your hard work….”

Arnav grinned - “ yeah, thanks di, maa and dad, but seriously Maa and di, you guys need to stop this Chotte business, please , how many times have I told you, I dont like it….”

Ratna ignored him, as she asked her daughter - “ did you speak to Chotte??”

Anjali grinned, as she sat on the table - “ Not yet??”

ARnav sat on the table, and looked at his Dad confused, who grinned, and faked cluelessness,as he returned his attention to his phone, and he asked - “ whats this about??”

Anjali grinned - “ About, how you need a break Chotte, you have been working too hard…”

Ratna teased - “ yeah, to top it all, my son is still a bachelor, the least he could do is listen to his family, and take some time off to enjoy, and then hopefully, agree to get married soon…”

“Maa, please, stop it, anyways I was thinking…”, he said

Anjali and Ratna both looked at him surprised , as they asked in unison - “ About Marriage??”

“Whoa…no, no way , alright, but about this break thing, I guess I need a holiday too, it would be good to have some time off you know…”

“Thats great, Chotte…”, said Ratna

“Have you thought of something?”, asked Arnav

“No, not exactly, Aman has something on his mind though, I will speak to him….”

“That’ll be great…” said his father finally looking up.

Arnav smiled as he asked - “ how is jiju??”

Anjali smiled - “ great, hes off to Hong Kong for a few days for work, why do you think I am here, so early….”

“Great, so you are staying, right, I gotta rush now, I will see you in the evening, at AR ??”, he asked his sister

“You bet, I wouldn't miss my Chotte’s success party for anything…”

“Di, stop it please….”

Anjali grinned - “alright, I will….”

Arun smiled - “ we will come for a while too maybe, because I know, no one will enjoy whilst we are there…”

Anjali nodded - “ You bet, Paa, but you gotta see, they are more scared of Chotte, he gives your person a run, surely, but they dont know, you guys are the coolest family ever….”

Arnav grinned - “ We know it, Thanks di…now I gotta go…bye  everyone…”, and he walked out, towards his SUV,and called his best friend and business asscioate, Aman, to know, what he was planning, for the holiday, as long as he remembered, he mentioned Diya would be coming along as well,Diya was also his friend, mainly because she was Aman’s fiancee.The only thing he remebere,d he had mentioned was that, they had New Zealand, on their mind.


Same Day - Paris - 9.00 am

Khushi’s POV 

I close my alarm clock, and I really don’t feel like getting up so soon, but then I know, I have to, because of my appointment with Dr.Henry, at Noon. I get up, and  get ready for the day.Just as I was about to walk out, I hear a knock at my door and I open it to see bhai standing there.

“Bhai, whats up??I was just coming down for breakfast….”

“I know, but Khushi, i wanted to put this in your room , like now….”, and he walked in and adjusted the heavy frame, of  what he was carrying in his hands, on the wall  at the back of her bed, and  I felt all emotional, as I realised it was a picture of all of us, from my graduation, four days ago.

I hug bhai as i whisper - “ thank you Bhai, you are the best, what would I ever do without you??”

“And I am always there for you Khushi….you know that, now come down soon….we are waiting for you….havent you got your appointment with Dr Henry??”

“Yes, bhai, and I am super excited,for he just called me yesterday, and told me, that I could  actually do everything, I was planning, he just said, that I have to be careful about certain things thats all….”

“Thats great Khushi…”, and he spotted me, putting on my natural skin cover, over my myoelectric arm, he said - “ honestly, I prefer watching you without it,Khushi, You look like this supercool model, right from a sic-fiction movie….”

I smiled - “ very funny bhai, now go let me get ready, you know Ottobock is a long drive from home and I dont wanna be late…”

He smiled and walked out.

I pulled on my skin cover, and then took a minute as I gazed at the picture, Bhai had just put on the wall, and I couldn't feel more happier and blessed in my Life.

I was 15, when we were visiting Garima aunty and Shashi uncle, here in Paris. Dad used to love driving, and we were all on our road trip, when the accident happened.I had woken up few days later, in the hospital, only to find out that I had lost both Muma and Papa in that accident, and not just that, also my left arm,it was injured greatly to the extent, that amputation really was the only way out.

I had cried for hours, and I still shiver, as the memory struck me, and I remember thinking that Life would never be the same.But I was proven wrong, as Garima aunty and Shashi uncle adopted me, and took me in as their own.

Obviously, I spent the three years of my rest of the teen, in doubt, about how was I going to cope up, with my loss, and wasted a lot of time thinking about how people looked at me.But, if it wasn't for Aman bhai, and aunty and uncle, I would have never got past my fear for the very same, I still remember, Aman Bhai chanting all around the house, how he himself would prefer having a artificial limb just like I have, because it just looked so kool, and in a way that somehow used to boost up my morale.It was Aman bhai who had taught me, that I could spend the rest of my life, either mourning over what I had lost, or make it my strength, by making my self accepting the fact that its a symbol of what I survived.He counselled me so much, along with uncle and aunty, that I can proudly say, that today, I really am , what I am because of them. I look at myself , just as normally, as I would have before.I am sure, up above in the heavens,Muma and Papa would have been really proud of me.

I just finished my MBA,, from Insead, and have a fabulous job, waiting for me, which I will start after summer, in the next two months. I have the best of friends, and the best family ever, and really what more could I really ask for. I have learnt from life, It really is all about perspective, the way I look at myself is how the world will look at me.

I adjust my skin cover, and I couldn't help but agree with Bhai, intact with technology advancements, protheses had never felt more natural, the skin cover on the arm, was customised to her body, and even more so , the electric arm on its own, looked really kool, when she was home, she never put on the skin cover anyway.The limbs had changed of course in the past nine years, and with the help of Dr Henry and his physiotherapy, I had always been able to adapt to my limb perfectly.Infact, Dr Henry proudly would always claim, that just no one, could ever claim that I have a artificial limb on, until I removed it.And he was right, it just really felt so natural, that even I sometimes, forgot the fact that my left arm, below the elbow was a artificial one.

My phone rang and I picked it up as I smiled, it was Dita, my best friend - “ Khushi, I will be there in five minutes, and then we gotta go shopping for our trip, I am just so excited….and then we head to Ottobock, and listen I will talk to Dr.Henry myself, over this insane wish of adventure of your’s…”

“Dita, why dont you just relax, come soon, we will talk….ok??”

I kept down the phone and i smiled , I really did have the best of people, in my Life, and for that i thanked God, as i walked out my room ,to join my family for breakfast.


Dita - “Aman, I still don’t beleive, you are allowing Khushi to do all this insane adventure, on our trip….”

Garima smiled - “ well our khushi, is a brave girl dita…”

Dita - “ yeah, I know she is…”

Shashi grinned - “ Dita, you said the same thing last summer….”

Dita groaned - “ yeah, how can I forget, Khushi dragging me along for the scuba dive at the great barrier reef, when I absolutely hate water….ughhhh…its just because I love her so much….”

Khushi grinned - “ I know Dita, and I love you too….infact dont you worry, Dr Henry has permitted me to skydive…”

Aman smiled - “ I trust Khushi, Dita, she knows how to take care of herself….and thats why you are with her na…anyway, you will take care when she doesn’t…”

Dita smiled - “ you got that right….”

Khushi finished her breakfast, kissed Garima on her cheek as she said - “ Maa, I will be back late, in the evening..alright, we gotta go shopping….”

Shashi smiled - “ have fun, and do clear all your doubts with Dr henry…”

Khushi smiled - “ dont worry dad, i will…”

Aman grinned - “ Enjoy Khushi….”

“I will bhai, you know I love you…”

“Yes I do….”


Khushi’s POV

As I drive, I realise Dita has just suddenly switched off the music and I ask - “ whats up??? you look worried?? “

Dita sighed - “ Rahul is engaged….”

I feel absolutely nothing as i hear that, and I nod in reply - “ well , good for him….”

Dita glared at me - “ Khushi , you cannot absolutely not feel anything, he loved you, you know that….infact you…”

“That’s why, I broke up with him, Dita, I knew, he was going in too deep, its not something I wanted, and honestly i didn't feel for him the way he did, it wasn't fair to him, I am happy he's found someone…”, I finished.

“You know what Khushi, I don't understand, why are you so insecure and phobic about love and relationships, it was the save thing with Derek, before Rahul, they genuinely felt for you….I know, you feel about…”, said Dita.

I sighed - “ Dita, honestly, its nothing to do with my condition, at all, I know they all looked past it , but to be honest, maybe it is ,Love i dont know, thats why I have my insecurities, i mean this my condition,is something I have to live with, its a part of me, so strong, I dont know if i am ready to share it with anyone apart from my family and you of course….and honestly,I dont even know, what Love is…never felt it….I am just not sure this whole relationship thing, thats why I backed out, both the times, because I sensed, it was going in to deep for them”

Dita nodded - “ I undertsand, but dont worry, maybe someday, you will meet someone, who can take care of all your insecurities about the same…”

I smiled - “ maybe, someday, but not anytime soon, right now I am just super excited for this Holiday, you know, I could use a break….infact, I was really sad, that we couldn't do New zealand last year along with Australia, because of my tight schedule, so this year, I definitely had too…”

Dita grinned - “ Its going t be so much fun….”

I smiled - “ You bet, it will be….”


Ok guys, so Take One, was basically the background insight, into both their Lives….which of course are all set to change, as they meet.

Let me know, what you guys think…!!

Apr 6, 2015

Take 2 -6/04/2015 (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 42 times)


Thank you so much for all of your's feedback!! Glad you like the concept!!

here is the Update for Take 2

Let me know what you guys think!!


Take 2


Arnav’s POV

I stood lazily, at the bar counter, as the bartender passed me my drink.The party had been a huge hit, and mostly, all of my office staff had left, and it was now only family, and my friend, and some of Aman and Diya’s friends. I was enjoying the solititude, when i spotted lavanya, walking up to me, and order a drink for herself,I smiled and shifted so that she could stand next to me, and I heard her speak -

“ You have been working very hard, should honestly give yourself a break….”

I grinned - “ Thanks Lavanya, and on that note, yes I am…just spoke to Aman and Diya this morning….” and before I could speak further, I saw Aman walk up grinning , as he said - 

“ And he is joining us on our trip….”

I saw Lavanya grin as she asked - “ what??? seriously?? no ways…ASR finally taking a break….but wait…”, as she teased, “ you are going to be a third wheel…ASR…”

“Very funny Lavanya, I just want this time out on my own…”, and I grinned as I teased my best friend - “ And Aman, don't worry, you and Diya can have all the romance in the world….for I won’t be watching…”

Aman winked - “ Yes, you better not…anyways have you spoken to uncle and aunty about this??”

“obviously Aman, they are more than happy….and honestly i think this would be a good thing…”

Lavanya grinned - “ It definitely would be, for you to loosen up….”

Aman grinned - “ yeah right….”, and right then he spotted some guy ask Diya for a dance, and he walked away to mark his territory.

I turned to look at Lavanya as i ask - “ You ok??”

She smiled - “ yeah, I am….don’t worry…I am over it…not that It was easy to get over this one sided emotion for you, ASR…”

I am sure, my face went blank at hearing that, for I had absolutely no idea, how to respond to that, so I just mustered - “ Sorry, I guess….”

She grinned as she said - “ Shut up, I was only kidding….anyways, so when do you leave…and for how many days??”

I smiled - “ Two Days from now, and I guess, for two weeks….”

She smiled - “ Enjoy yourself alright…”, and right then her phone rang, and she went aside to take it.

I looked at the crowd in front of me busy dancing away, Aman and Diya were swaying to a slow song, and I am glad, they finally sorted out their little fight.I looked on a little, and I felt really really happy for my friend, he had found the perfect one for himself, in Diya.It wasn't just that, they understood each other’s silence as well…just like Di and Jijai, and Maa and Dad…it just made me wonder, whether, I would someday find someone who would understand my silence?.

I know, I am a practical man, and I don't have insanely crazy notions about romance, for sure, but when I look at my family, and my friends, I do get a hope, that maybe someday, i would meet someone I was truly compatible with, and then if everything seemed sensible and practically sorted enough, maybe I would think about spending the rest of my life with that unknown person, who until now, was definitely a stranger to me.It was right then, I was dragged out of my thought, by Diya to the dance floor.I groaned, but still obliged her, I don’t know why she does that every party, specially when she knows I don’t dance, and is aware, that I will walk away in just five minutes, and that is exactly what I did this time too.


Khushi’s POV

10.00 PM 

I sat deep in thought, as Dita’s words rang in my ears again.I knew she was right, I was really insecure, when it came to my heart, and I know it was because of my condition.I may put up a facade in front of everyone, but I couldn't fool myself, deep down, I knew, I just didn't know, if anyone would love me truly, without the sympathy, and would look past my shortcoming, which actually wasn't a shortcoming anymore, all thanks to technology.But I love myself, and my self respect is way too important to me.I don’t want anyone to look at me sympathy, for I don’t.I look at myself as a fighter, my arm is the symbol, that I faced death, and I survived, and that was in no chance my weakness, but my strength.I want someone to understand that,I don't want to be with someone, who sometime or the other would point to me, that Life wasn't the same for me as for them, because of my artificial limb.Its a very sensitive topic for me, and I know, my insecurities arise greatly from it, and that is why, everytime, even tries beyond a level to find the key to my heart, i simply just change the lock, by distancing myself. Because, thats the way I feel secure.I am happy as I am, I really am,infact I truly beleive, that If I can’t be happy within myself, and have a content life of my own, how am I ever going to share that with anyone. But at the same time, I dont know, if I am ready to share this part of me, with anyone emotionally, and even more so intimately.I have been in two relationships,until now, both of which I have broken.They were both nice guys, but I couldn't get myself to feel for them the way they did, and more so, I had some serious issues with intimacy.I only so have kissed very briefly,that I am sure it doesn't even count, because everytime,i would stop the brief kiss to turn into a deep one, because I know, that everytime, that happened,I would just get so flustered,and just leave.I know my insecurities, very well, and I know I am not the best person to be in a relationship with, and I do not complain, because I am happy,with myself, its just that my family and friends worry way too much for me, and that makes me wonder, about what am I doing wrong? Why do I just push every guy, who tries to come close to me??.

I hear my door open, and see my brother step in, and I smile, as I gesture him to come sit next to me, and he does and kisses me on the head lovingly - “ Khushi, you are leaving tomorrow, all packed??”

I grin - “ Yes bhai, and so so excited….”

He smiled - “ Khushi I know you way too well, if the grin doesn't reach the end of your cheek, and eyes dont twinkle, means something is up….so I am waiting, until you spill the beans….”

I sigh, he knows me way too well - “ Bhai, its just about something I was thinking, but it doesn't matter….”

He looks at me for a minute and then says - “ Rahul is engaged..”

I nod - “ Yes, and thats good for him, I am happy for him intact I just wished him all the best for his new life, a while back…its just what he said…and even Dita”

“What did they say??”

“He just mentioned, how I need to stop holding myself, and trust when it comes to the matters of the heart, I know maybe he is right, but….”, and before I could continue, I heard him intervene.

“Khushi, bacha, you dont need to worry, for I know, there is someone out there, and trust me, when you fall in love, all your insecurities will vanish…and mark my words, it will happen one day….and even until then I am not worried, for I know, you are happy even now,and probably love will just add more happiness in your life, you know like a cherry on the cake kinda thing”, he finished.

I hug my brother, tightly - “ Bhai, you always know, what to say when, and make me feel so much better, I know right, there is nothing to worry, but still…Love I am not sure, I dont know if anyone can Love me….”

He looked at me shocked - “ what makes you say that?? You are adorable….we all love you….”

I cover up as I explain - “ Not in that sense bhai, obviously I know, I mean I am not a very secure person when it comes to relationships, I tend to drive people away, quite easily, and you know that….”

He nodded, and held my hand tenderly as he said - “ I know, you give on yourself way too soon, and you shouldn’t….the day you find someone, who will never give up on you, you will learn….”

“Maybe, you are right, Bhai…”

He kissed me gently on my forehead and instructed - “ Now go to sleep , Khushi, and smile, I want you to enjoy yourself, as much as you planned, nothing else matters…”

I smile, as I watch him leave.

I lie back in bed, because I know, I have my flight tomorrow, and I really am super excited for this trip, and I guess Bhai is right, I should just enjoy myself, and stop worrying.And also, I cant help wonder, if he is right, what if one day I find someone, who will not give up on me, no matter how hopeless I am when it comes to Love.But I dont know what will I do then, I know, maybe I need someone who is not strong, not strong enough to let me go.Maybe, thats what I need, but I know,thats something totally impossible.And that really was the last thought on my mind, before sleep took over.


Three Days Later - Sofitel,Auckland - 11.00 Am

Arnav sipped his coffe, right when he heard Diya exclaim - “ Omg, hurry up will you Aman, we still have to wind up, and we have to check out in one hour, and more importantly, even pick up our car,infact if you had listened to me yesterday, itself, we wouldn't have to do so in so much of a rush, that’s it you just never listen to me, and then you say you love me…”, she finished grumbling.

Arnav hid his smile, as his best friend looked at him helplessly, and he gestured, that he definitely was not going to butt in between the two, and he heard him speak - “ Diya, relax, everything will happen, we are on time, infact, I have a idea, why dont you email Arnav, the details of our car rental, he’s done with all his winding up, I am sure, by the time we are done, he can get the car, and we will be off, that way we will save time…”, he finished with a grin.

Diya smiled at Arnav - “ Arnav, you would, wouldn't you??”

Arnav grinned - “ Yes of course I would, I know the rest of our road trip to Bay of Island’s depends, greatly on your mood, I wouldn't want you to keep sulking…”, he finished winking at his friend.

Diya grinned - “ You bet, you wouldn’t…anyways I will just email you, Iv booked us the Porsche Cayenne, at the pick up time was 1130 anyway, so if you leave now, you will reach on time, its nearby only….”

Arnav - “ yeah Diya, dont worry, I will reach on time, meanwhile, why dont you guys get ready….I will call you, Aman once I leave with the car…”

Aman smiled - “ great, thanks Arnav, you saved me a lot of trouble…”, he winked.

Arnav grinned - “ Never mind….”, and took out his phone to check the email Diya had just sent to get the address of the rental company’s office, and walked his way out of the lobby, and hopped into a cab to reach his destination.


Meanwhile, Hilton, Auckland - 11.00 AM

Khushi finished packing her bags as she yelled so that Dita could hear her in the bathroom - “ Dita, we are getting late…hurry up….”

She got her friend’s reply from the bath - “ Khushi, I will take a while, want to relax in this hot tub, before out drive down, to the Bay of Islands, why are you in such a rush….”

Khushi sighed - “ because, remember I want to change our car, I spoke to the office, they are ready to switch out Q7 for the Porsche Cayenne, and thats the beauty I want to drive, please just hurry up na….”

Dita replied from the bath yet again - “ alright, I understand, why dont you go and switch the car’s , meanwhile i will get ready…..”

Khushi did feel , that really was the best thing to do, knowing, Dita and her love for the hot water tub bath…and she picked up her bag, and made her way out of the room, as she yelled - “ Alright…..Ill see you soon, but hurry….”


Arnav’s POV

Honestly, I was loving the fact, that I took this time out, ever since we had landed yesterday, In Aukland, I knew this was going to be one hell of a holiday, in the sense, I had decided to let loose, now I wasn't sure, how was that going to happen, since I always keep myself, all disciplined,due to work, and just the thought of doing everything freely, for the next two weeks, was making me feel really good.

I looked out the window, and increased the volume of the music, I was listening to, in my iphone, and I smiled, for I hadn’t felt so free, ever since my return from Harvard, five years ago,and I unlocked my phone, to message the very same thought on our family group on Whatsapp.

Ten Minutes Later -

The Cab driver pulled into the car rental’s office, and I quickly hopped out , and paid him, and walked into the office.

I spotted the guy, behind the desk, and quickly showed him the email, which Diya had sent me, and gave him my passport and international driving license, so that he could finish the formalities,and i sat on the sofa, and waited, for him to finish.

I was just looking around, when I saw, the beautiful Audi Q7, pull into the driveway.I loved that car, had been driving it for a while, until Dad forced me , a month back to get rid of it, on the notion, that it had been five years since I had been driving the same car,and honestly I had been enjoying my Merc Gl a lot, but I had a special corner for the Q7. Right then something else, caught my attention, as I spotted, a beautiful girl, step out of the driving seat, and I just felt awed, I didn't know, by which of the two more, of the fact that the girl was breathtakingly beautiful, or by the fact that she had stepped out of the driving seat, which meant, she had been driving,I guess, by what I was feeling, I liked the idea, of a beautiful girl,driving a SUV, or maybe it was just this girl.She really was pretty.

I watched as, she walked in to the office, straight to the desk and spoke to John,the guy at the desk.

John smiled at her, and told her to wait a second, and she walked back towards the lounge where I was sitting.

She gave a small smile, as she took her seat next to me, and I smiled back,but I couldn’t help but notice how amazingly , breathtakingly beautiful, she was.I almost didn't feel like myself, at all, for no girl had caught my attention, like this one had, and she hadn't even spoken a word to me.I whacked myself mentally, maybe this holiday season was rubbing on me way too much.


Khushi’s POV

I texted Dita, that i would be back soon, and then started to flip through the magazine’s in front , so as to wile away the time, as I waited for John to return,I wonder, what was taking him so long, as they had all my records in store, anyway.I looked at the man sitting next to me, well I had to give it to him, he really was handsome, and there was something about him, that was making me steal a look at him, or was it his smile.I don’t know, ohk maybe it was just because, he was really goodlooking, and I appreciate that.It was right then, I spotted John, gesturing to me to come to the counter and I did.

I walked up, and he just handed me the new form, for the Cayenne, and I started filling it, whilst he kept the keys, in front of me, and I hurried, as I just couldn't wait to get my hands on that beauty.Gosh, my love for Cars, was going to drive me crazy, one day, I was sure.

Meanwhile, I heard John call out - “ Mr Arnav…”, and I noticed the man sitting next to me, walk up and stand next to me.

Arnav.What a nice name!!

I brushed that thought aside, and continued filling in the form, when I heard John say - “ Sir, There has been a mistake, we confirmed you The Porsche Cayenne in the email, looks like my colleague made a mistake, looks like he had booked the Porsche Boxster, by mistake….”

I heard the man speak - “ No problem, but i am sure, you could  change that, you must be having a Cayenne, free….”

His voice was just amazing.I again, brushed that thought away, what was wrong with me??

John - “ No sir, there wouldn’t be a problem if we had one, one was free until yesterday, but now everything is rented out, I am sorry, will the Boxster not do??”

The man, or Arnav (now that I know his name) replied curry and firmly - “ No, John, it will not because I am here with my friends, and we are three of us, it’s but obvious the two seater will not do…you surely must have a alternative to offer me…”

John shot a apologetic look - “ No sir, we don’t I checked with all our outlets in the city, we could offer you one, four days from now, but unfortunately, today, we have none…”, he handed him a brochure, as he continued - “ sir, why don’t you choose another….”

I see , Arnav, brush his hand through his hair, and looks like he was trying to watch his temper, with John, right then John took my form, and smiled - “ That’s the Cayenne, for you, Miss…”, he said gesturing towards the beauty.


Arnav’s POV

I know, Diya was totally going to freak out, when she would get to know of this, and more than that she would just write a unnecessary long email to the company.I had to find an alterative, and so I started to look at the brochure, for a good substitute.I noticed, that beautiful girl, take the keys of the Cayenne, and she did shoot me a apologetic look, as John took her towards the car.I saw her getting into the driving seat, from the corner of my eye, and just the sight of her, behind the wheel, bowled me over.What the hell was happening to me?? I quickly distracted myself, with the brochure, and thought of taking the Q7, this girl had just brought in, right when I noticed, John walk back in, with a smile plastered on his face, which irritated me, and I just stated , keeping a check on my tone - “ alright, I will take the Q7….”

“Sir, but you can’t…its unavailable”

“What do mean, I can’t??I just saw that girl, bring it in….the one who just took the Cayenne”, i replied.

John smiled - “ Thats what Sir, she just took it back, I mean the Q7, and left the Cayenne, which you can now take, looks like she preferred the Q7…anyways I will just complete the formalities for you…”

I mentally thanked this unknown beautiful stranger,for it saved me a lot of time,I would have otherwise spent or rather Aman would have, since he made the booking, in handling Diya.

A few Minutes Later -

John handed me the keys, and I quickly strode, and opened the car door, and got behind the wheel, only to be shocked, as I spotted a Post- It, stuck on the driving wheel, which said - 

“Figured, your friend’s would be unhappy about the Change.You can take this one, I was quite happy with the Q7 anyway,Happy Driving”

I read, the post it, again and again, and looked for a name, but there was none.I was taken aback by the kind gesture.I quickly fold the Post it, and keep it in my pocket, and I started to drive.

This, girl, whoever she was, was extremely beautiful, and she had a lovely smile, and her face when she had smiled at me briefly revolved in front of my eyes, and not to forget she was extremely kind.

I wanted to thank her.

And i felt this sudden urge to atlas know her name.

I know that the probabilities are not in my favour, but I just need to meet this girl again.


Tada!! Let m know what you guys think..:)

Apr 17, 2015

Take 3 - Update - 16/04/15 (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 38 times)

Take 3


Arnav’s POV 

I continued to give my attention to the road, as much as I Could,but once again, that beautiful face, revolved in front of my eyes.This really was the strangest things, ever.Like really, things like this, don't happen to me,they just don't happen to Arnav Singh Raizada, period. I just don’t get smitten by girls,or maybe its just because, I haven't seen anyone as beautiful as her, in the longest time ever, and that smile,had something in it, and more so, how can I forget her kind gesture, due to which, Diya finally got her way.I curse myself mentally, for I should have atlas ask her name, but in my defense, my mind added, that I did not even speak to her.I was still deep in thought, as I heard Diya’s voice from behind - 

“I still think, i should write the company an email, how could they make such a mistake, intact if it wasn't for this girl….”

I replied - “ exactly Diya, precisely thats the reason you shouldnt, we got what we want, that girl did us a favour, lets respect it, its no big deal anyway….”

Diya replied from behind, teasing me - “ Hmmmm, you are right in a way, but Thats the first ever, you would have under norma circumstances, been really mad yourself, but look at you Arnav, you are all cool, and calm, and deeply grateful to this girl…just curious, was she really that pretty….??”

I gave her a small smile - “ yeah, maybe she was….”, and thats what caught Aman’s attention, who turned his attention towards me as he asked surprised - “ now this is new,since Iv never heard that coming from you….”

I replied to my defence - “ what do you mean? I always appreciate beauty….”

“Yeah , that you do, but what you don’t is admit it….so whats her name??”, he teased.

“I don’t know, I didn't ask….”, I replied honestly.

Diya grinned - “ Too Bad, lets just hope, you bump into her, again, and hey just curious again, was she Indian??”

“Diya,when will you stop?”, I said, glaring at her, and she grinned and offered me a bottle of water, which I took and drank  a few sips.

Aman - “Hey, why don’t you let me take the wheel for a while, we should reach in an hours time anyway….”

I nodded, and pulled the car aside, and let Aman take the wheel, as Diya took the front seat,and I sat in my seat, and gazed out of the window.The drive was wonderful, and really beautiful, and I was feeling quite relaxed, until that face revolved in front of my eyes, and my restlessness, started to creep up again.


6.00 PM - Copthorne Hotel and Resorts, Bay of Islands

Khushi stepped out of the shower, fresh and changed, into her,fuschia skater dress, and she spotted Dita, lying on the bed, and skyping with George, her boyfriend, and she grinned as she immediately jumped in front of the screen and exclaimed - “ George, Dita has been missing you so much already, you have to make it, here, atlas for the latter half of the trip….”

George grinned - “Ofcourse, Khushi, you know I am just so tied up, otherwise,I would never miss out on a great holiday, with my two favourite girls…anyways from what I hear from Dita, all going great until now” 

Dita chipped in - “ Great, but could be greater, if you joined in sooner, not listening to me, listen to Khushi atleast….”

George - “ Yes, Maam, i will…anyways you two enjoy, and take a stroll through Pahia, its a wonderful little island….”

Dita - “ I know, it is, the drive was wonderful, so so pretty, infact, Khushi had a lot of fun driving….”

Khushi smiled - “ that, I did….”

George hung up, as he had work, and Dita turned to Khushi - “ so , I will just take a bit to freshen up too, then why don’t we just step out for a while, that is if you are not too tired with all the driving….”, she pointed, as she spotted Khushi rub her left hand, she had been waiting her limb for way too long, already.

Khushi smiled - “ Ofcourse, we could, I am not tired at all”

Dita looked at her skeptical - “ I remember, DR.Henry advising it to take it off after a long day, for a while….”

Khushi sighed - “ And you love me way too much Dita, stop worrying, fine I will take it off, while you get ready….”

Dita smiled - “ Great, and I will be quick….”


Khushi’s POV

I took of my limb, as I waited for Dita to freshen up.She always worried too much for me.I rubbed my stump, so as to relax it for a while, and then lied down, in the bed, the drive had been wonderful, but yes, I was a little tired too.I brushed my right hand through my  hair, and checked my phone and spotted Bhai’s missed call, and made it a note to call him back in a while, and before I could control it , the thought of Arnav, the handsome man, I had sort of met earlier today, crossed my mind.I couldn't help but wonder, how his reaction would have been to the Post It, I left on the wheel.I usually dont do such favours for anyone, and am very particular about what I want, but somehow, I just judged that he would probably   be happier if he had got what he and his friends had planned, and I was just in a good mood, due to how relaxed I was feeling because of my holiday mode, and add to that, how amazingly handsome he was, I just felt like wanting to help him, and so I did.

ofcourse, Dita knew nothing about this generous twist of mood, or she would have teased me all the way through, and I coulnd’nt handle that at all, and that was precisely the reason , why I hid this from her anyway, because ofcourse, there really was no chance, I would run into that handsome man, ever again.So there was no need in making a big deal about this, because probably it just wasn’t. His name was nice, though. Arnav.And before I knew it, I was off to sleep.


I woke up , with a start, and instantly grabbed my phone.I had slept for two whole hours, and I looked around, where the hell was Dita?? I quickly, called her, and waited for her to pick up, and she did in two rings, and I asked - “ where the hell are you Dita?and why didn't you wake me up??”

“Aww Khushi, you were sleeping so peacefully, I didn't have the heart too, anyways don’t worry, i am here, in the hotel itself, just ran into a friend, from my summer school time, In London.Her name’s Diya, you remember I told you about her, she's here with friends….I am with her only right now, but on my way back to the room in five…”

“Oh….well thats great, Dita, yeah dont worry, take your time, I am thinking, I will just take a stroll outside….”, I replied, and hung up.

I streched my arms, and then walked over to the bedside and put on my arm, and adjusted the skin cover on it, and took my shrug and put it on , and stepped out , into the sit out of our room, and then shut the door to it, and stepped out into the lush green lawns.

I was so so glad, we had taken this room, it was beautiful, because of this very view, the backside, had a sitout, which led into these lush green lawns, which were then joint with the water, and infant, if you walked further, you would see the little rocky beach, and I couldn't wait to be there, in the morning, just listening to the sound of the waves.Ahh the solitude.As much as I wanted to, go there now, I knew it went wise, as it was dark already, and there was a board, warning the guests to not go there, after 6 Pm, and so I just walked towards the further end, and just sat on the bench next to amazingly beautiful tree, and let the wind from the water’s work its magic, as folded my hands, closed my eyes, and tilted my head back and rest it on the back of the bench. I was loving every bit of it, and I was glad for the nap, because I was feeling really refreshed,I knew Dita would call me, in a few minutes for dinner, but until then, I was going to enjoy this perfect little breeze.


Arnav’s POV

I had left Aman, and Diya’s room, a while later, of sitting with Diya’s friend, Dita.They had bumped into each other in the reception, and Diya had then explained to us, how Dita and her were together for summer school, in London.Dita had seemed nice, and from the looks of it, Diya and her had been really close, but had lost touch over time, as life took different turns.Well, that happens to all of us, I guess, as I recall loosing touch with all of my Harvard friends.Well, thats what Life is, I guess.

I had just finished talking  back home, and informed Maa and Dad about how cool this whole holiday thing was going, and like i knew it, they were really happy listening to the fact that i was enjoying myself.And then I had spoken to Di, and she was quite excited as well. I really did have the best family ever.And I don't say it a loud often, but i really am thankful for them.

I just texted Aman, that I will see them in a while, for dinner at the resturant, and sipped my last sip of coffe, as I looked out from the sit out of my room,and walked into the lawn for a stroll.It wasn't tired much from the road trip, but the wind was refreshing.

I was just strolling, when something caught my attention, or rather I should say someone.I noticed a girl sitting all by herself, on the further end towards the beach, on a bench.And for a minute, I don’t know why, i just felt, it was her, that girl from this afternnon.

I checked my mental status, and It was normal, then how could I explain the thought that had just come to my mind, how could it be her? Ofcourse it wasn’t, i was just being insanely stupid about this strager. I instructed myself to get a grip, but then, i just felt this sudden pull to go and check, it it really was her.What if it was her? I needed to thank her, for her gesture, earlier.

And so I walked towards her, and the minute I neared, the bench, and registered in the sight, of her, I could not even think of a reason, why I had been right about this.Because it really was her, sitting there, all by herself, with her hands folded, eyes closed,and head relaxed at the back of the bench, and the wind was playing with her hair, and just the sight, was magnetic, and I don’t know for how long did I just stand there, looking at her, and her beautiful face which was only reflecting calmess, and joy, as she had a small smile, on her face.I didn't know, why I stood there frozen, was it because I didnt want to disturb her moment, or was it because, she was flawlessly and so breathtakingly beautiful, and it was the right then, the moonlight fell on her face, and highlighted her gentle and exquisite features, acting like the perfect spotlight, this beauty totally deserved.

I stood there in silence a few more minutes, and then walked up towards, the bench.I had thought earlier, that I needed to meet her, and here she was in front of me.


Khushi’s POV

The wind.It has this really calm affect on me, it was as if it was soothing me.I just absolutely loved it,and I had no idea, how many minutes had passed, but I wasn't ready to open my eyes , yet, for the moment was just so amazing.It was right then, I heard a voice, a deep husky voice - “The odds were very low, but looks like I finally get to thank you….”, and I open my eyes, to register in the sight of the handsome man, Arnav, from earlier on, and i couldn't help but blink thrice, to register, the reality of him actually being there, and I quickly straighten up, and give him a small smile, as I manage to whisper - “ Hi…”

He smiled,and I felt the insides of my stomach knot in nervousness, what the hell, this never like never happens to me.I distract my mind, my looking ahead at the water for a minute, and i heard him say - “ Hey, you mind If I join??”

I looked at him, and smiled - “ No, obviously not…”, and I shifted so that he could sit on the other side of the bench.

“Well, thank you so much, that was really Kind of you…”, he said.

I looked at him and admitted honestly - “ you’r welcome, but honestly it wasn't a big deal, i already had a SUV, you definitely needed it more than me, you know with your friends an all…”

He smiled - “ You heard??”

“Obviously, I was right there,….”, I replied.

He grinned, and I honestly didn't know, I shivered because of the affect his grin had on me, or the wind - “ so you like driving ??”, he asked

“Absolutely, love it….the drive here was wonderful, wasn’t it??”

“It indeed was…”, he replied.

And it was right then, my phone rang, and I cursed Dita for the bad timing, but picked it up nonetheless and heard her ask me to come to the room.

“yeah, ohk, I will be there, in a jiffy….”, I replied.

I looked at him.Was he looking at me?? or maybe I was just dreaming!!

“I am sorry, I need to go, my friends waiting…..”, I said, and got up, and turned to go, when I heard him say, from behind - “No problem, it was really nice meeting you, again…??”

And I understood, he was hinting to know my name.

I gave him a small smile as I said - “ Its Khushi…., and It was nice meeting you too, Arnav….”, and with that, I quickly sprinted away, because I had no idea how do deal with this anxiety i was feeling, nor the nervousness in my stomach.


Arnav’s POV 

I couldn't help but smile to myself, as I walked towards the restaurant,to join Aman and Riya, for dinner.

Khushi.The name suited her.

I couldn't get her out of my mind.Not that I cmplained, for a change, it was nice to have someone preoccupy, my thoughts.And I was already waiting to bump into her again.Right when I spotted Dita, Diya;s friend walk in to the restaurant at the same time as me, and I smiled - “ hey Dita….”

“Hi Arnav, Diya and Aman, already there….”, she asked

I nodded, and right then I saw Khushi joining her from behind, as she said, with her attention to her phone - “ Dita, just finished talking….”, and she stopped in her tracks, as she spotted me with Dita, with a expression of surprize on her face.

Dita spoke - “ Khushi, this is Arnav, hes with Diya and Aman, intact they are there, come let me introduce you to them….”, and she held her right hand, and pulled Khushi ahead.

I followed, and saw Khushi glance back to look at me, as she gave me a small smile, and our eyes locked for a brief second, before she turned ahead, and I felt my insides flip,it was as if I felt something just topple upside down.I tried to comprehend the feeling, as I walked ahead, to join everyone, but I knew one thing for sure, this trip, was going to be no where near to what I had planned, and for once, I couldn’t be more happier about it.


Khushi’s PoV

I smiled, as I passed Diya the dish, and then continued to eat my food.Diya and Aman seemed really nice, and obviously, Arnav, was, too.I heard Diya and Dita, tell us about some of their time from summer school, not that I had heard off already, Dita had been really mentioning Diya quite a lot, ever since her return from summer school, but then lives got busy eventually they lost touch.And three years later, they had just met again, so Dita was quite excited, and I was genuinely happy, seeing her happy.

I found myself, stealing a glance at Arnav, who was chatting with Aman.I had a instant liking for Aman, because he shared the name with my Bhai, and also he seemed really nice too.Right then I heard Diya ask - “anyways whats your plan for tomorrow, Dita??”

Dita grinned - “ Well, we are going diving, or maybe I should say, Khushi plans too, and I will just wait for her, in the boat, she is a certified diver, and I hate water, and I sweared I would never dive again, last year when Khushi dragged me along with her, at the Great Barrier Reef….so yeah, and what about you guys?? Any plans on diving, Pahia is a beautiful spot for diving…..”

Diya looked at me and smiled - “ wow, Khushi, you sure have a thing for adventure, actually, I wanted to dive as well, but I know both Aman and Arnav, are never going to join me, so do you mind if I join you tomorrow?? we were planning to go  for the Dolphin thing, tomorrow, but I am sure we could shift that for day after…”

I smiled - “ Sure, Diya, you can join, diving is a wonderful experience….”

Aman looked at me - “ Great, so now that you are taking my fiancee, deep within the ocean, the least I can do is , be on the boat, and sip a drink, and enjoy my soltitude,for a while…”, he winked, teasing Diya, which earned him a whack on his arm , and he instantly yelled - “ Ouch, Diya, baby, its a joke….”

I grinned, these two were funny, much like Dita and George , and I continued to eat, and I spotted Arnav glance at me, and our eyes locked for a second, before I pulled away, as i felt that similar knot in my stomach.This wasn't a good thing, I knew,I had never felt this way, and as much as it thrilled me, I hated this alien feeling, making me anxious,and I thought it would be the best to keep my distance from this Greek God look alike - Arnav, and that would honestly be the best for my well-being.And with that thought, I returned my attention to the plate, making a mental and conscious note, to not even subconsciously look his way.


Arnav’s POV

I walked in behind Diya and Aman, in their room, and took the couch, and wondered again, why Khushi had just hurriedly left the table, in between dessert.Shed said, she had to take that call, maybe it really was important.I brushed the thought away, as heard Diya state happily - “ Oh my god, guys, I am so excited for the dive tomorrow….”

I heard Aman say - “ And like I said, we will come with you….”

Diya looked at me - “ You wanna give it a shot??”

I replied honsetly - “ No way , Diya, I do not love water, the way you do….but yes, like Aman says, we will come with you…”

Diya - “ Ohk, no issues, but thanks….”, and then she said - “ Khushi is sweet isn't she??”

And the words instantly left my mouth - “ And very kind too….”

Dita and Aman looked at me , for a explanation for my claim, and I said - “ remember the girl, from the car rental this afternoon, who let us have the Cayenne??”, and I saw them nod, and then I said - “ It was her.Khushi….”

And just in an instant, i saw Diya and Aman, give me huge smile, and before I knew it, a huge grin marked my face.


Feb 20, 2017

Take 4 - Update - 20 Feb,2017 - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 21 times)

Hiii Guys,

So , i started this SS in 2015,but hadn't been able to continue!! However, now that I Have begun writing again, I am also starting this SS again.Posting the part today.

let me know what you guys think.

Much Love


Take 4

Next Day - Noon - Bay of Islands

Khushi’s POV

I resurfaced from the water, and looked back to see Diya, do the same, and I continued to kick my legs gently,as we neared the boat, and she followed.I took the hand of our instructor, and then,climbed the steps to our boat, and then helped Diya do the same, and then Nick, our instructor helped us remove our equipment, and the smile and the emotion on Diya’s face, clearly reflected how happy and overwhelmed she was by the experience.And I couldn't help but smile, as I said to her - “ Wonderful isn't it??”

She smiled - “ Exquisite, is what I will say, I dont know why hadn't I done this until now, and to be honest if it were upto Aman and Arnav, I would have missed it today as well, but thank you so so much, Khushi…”

I walked ahead inside the boat, and sipped a glass of water, and replied - “ No issues Diya, I am so glad you enjoyed….I remember, when I dived for the first time, I couldn't believe the fact, that I hadn't done this earlier, and I was so passionate about it, thats why went out and did the ceritification, water has this different affect on me,its serene, and peaceful….”, and right then I spotted Dita walk up to us, and she touched my arm, as she asked - “ You ohk, Khushi??”

I saw Diya eye me,as she asked - “ what Khushi?? are you not well….”

“Nothing like that, Diya, Dita here, just worries way too much, anyways , I will just change and be back…”, I explained.

She smiled, and I walked into the bathroom of the match to change, taking my bag with me, and the first thing I did was to take of my aqua limb, and replace it in its case, and I rubbed my stump on my hand gently, not that I needed the relaxation, because I was feeling superelaxed after the dive anyway, but somehow I had this habbit, everytime, I changed, or removed my artificial limg, I would always touch my stump, it was my way of thanking this part of my body, for being so strong.

I changed quickly, and then walked out, and it was right then I spotted, Dita and Diya deep in conversation, and I joined, as I asked - “ whats up…!!”

Diya grinned - “I just texted Aman, how great the dive was, I am so unhappy he couldn't be here…even Arnav…”, she finished, grumbling.

I felt a twinge in my mind, as I heard his name, and I couldn't be more thankful, that he couldn't accompany the three of us along with Aman, as apparently some very important thing had come up at work, which needed immediate attending to, and since we were technically ahead of IST, they needed to utilise the time, to finish things , and get them sorted, when the business day started back in India.Well, I was obviously glad, he didn't come, because of my mental note, to mark distance with this Greek God Version of Arnav,but I knew, I would be seeing him back in the hotel, and I felt my mind plan on how it was going to avoid him, already.

I heard Dita say - “Its alright, Diya, doesn't matter, you can tell him all about it when you meet him…”

I gave her a small smile, and it was right then Nick, our instructor, walked up to us, to ask us about the dive.I didn't need one, since I was a certified diver, but since it was Diya’s first time, I knew, she would be more comfortable, with someone else by her side too,that was the reason I had suggested, we take Nick along, as well.


The Hotel - 1 Pm

Arnav’s POV

I finally shut my laptop,and sighed in releif, that the situation was stable back at work.It wasn’t a major issue, but since I knew, Dad had no clue about our new or rather the first project into Constructions, it would just be a waste of time, to explain everything to hi first, and then have him handle it.I preferred spending a few hours , on doing it myself,ofcourse, I had Aman for help.He was handling the execution for the project.And now, that the situation was under control and stable, I finally looked up at my watch, it was 1 Pm, and I was really hungry, and I knew so would Aman be, since we skipped breakfast, and also could not accompany the girls on the dive.

It was right then her thought hit me again.


What was it about her?? I had absolutely no idea, at all, but there was definitely something,for I couldn't get her face, out of my mind, and it was already so weird to deal with already,what was weirder was the fact that I was liking it.

I have to admit, I was a tad bit disappointed, because we couldn't go on the dive,I was kind of looking forward to see her do something, she really liked.

I checked the time again, and I realised that Diya had mentioned, that they would be back in time, for lunch, which meant, they would be back anytime soon,and I really was looking forward to hear Diya’s version of it, because, I knew, she was really excited too.

I walked out my room, messaging Aman to join me for lunch, when I spotted, Khushi step out of the lift.

Man,how was it possible for this woman to look so exquisite, like all the time.Just in this moment, dressed in a casual top, and denim shorts, and that look on her face, which somehow just radiated serenity,she was captivating.I didn't know why, I couldn't take my eyes off her, once again,or maybe of course I could, I just didn't want to.

I smiled, and she gave me a small smile, and our eyes met briefly, and I felt that sudden flip again, and I heard myself say - “ Khushi…..”

She gave me a small smile again, as she said - “ Hi, Arnav……”

“How was the dive??  I couldn’t, I mean…work….”, I heard myself explain, and I was shocked, because why the hell was I doing any sort of explaining here, and I guess that was the expression that I saw on her face, as well,and then I heard her say , - “ I know, Diya told us, work, it just always comes up, doesn't it, anyways, I hope, its sorted though, and honestly you didn't miss much, since you were just going to watch from the boat anyway, there was no chance you would have joined us now, was there??”, she finished teasingly.

I grinned - “yeah, you got that right, No chance for sure….I wouldn’t dive in for anything in the world, I hate water….”

Khushi - “well, we all have our choices, don’t we….”, and she started walking, and I asked - “ wait, where are you going?? aren't you hungry, have you guys eaten??”

She looked at me - “ Well, I am, but I am just tired, so I told Diya and Dita and Aman, that I will just order in, what about you??”

“I was just going for lunch…”

She nodded - “ well, I guess, I will see you later then Arnav….”

I nodded, and turned to leave, and then i stopped, as I asked behind her back - “Khushi, we are planning to go to the beach in a while, you will be coming, won’t you??”

She smiled - “ Yes, I will, you see, Dita will kill me, if I don’t….”

I nodded - “ great, see you in a while, then?”

She nodded - “ A while, it is…”, and then she turned and walked towards her room and I didn't know why,I walked to the restuarant, with this unnecessary grin on my face.

Maybe, this holiday mode was going to be injurious to my mental health,or maybe not.


Khushi’s POV

I entered my room,and put my stuff aside,and then took of my electric arm,and lied down.I didn't know what was wrong with me.Yes, the dive had relaxed me greatly, but then again something was making me nervous and restless,and i knew what it was.It was the Greek God Look Alike - Arnav. I was attracted to him, very attracted, like i hadn't been to anyone in the longest time now, and the fact that i had promised my self, to keep a safe distance from him, was troubling me even more.Why did I have to begin so much control all the time.I took a deep breath,and closed my eyes.His gorgeous face revolved in front of my eyes,boy i was surely going crazy.Then his gorgeous smile came to my mind,and then his chocolate brown eyes, which made me feel something,everytime he looked at me,and the very few seconds that our eyes had locked ever since I had met him.

Ok, thats it.I was officially going insane.How could i think about someone, i had just met, i didn't even know him.

But i knew, i wanted to know him.I smiled, as i deceided, im going to put my Worry- Khushi Mode off, for a while.I was on a holiday, and i deserved a change, and i needed to give myself a break.There could be no harm, in getting to know him, would be harmless,for the first time ever, i didn't want to worry,and that really felt good.And so i quickly got up, and wore back my arm,and i stroked it for a minute, it really was a gorgeous piece of technology.I adjusted my cover on top,and made my way out to the restaurant.I knew everyone would still be having lunch,and I really wanted to see Arnav too.


Arnav’s POV

I listened to Diya talk about her diving experience,and i couldn't help but smile,she was thrilled.I had wanted to be there, and i knew that Diya was not the only reason he wanted to be there.It was also about Khushi.

I knew it sounded insane, for things like this never happened to me, i had never in the past been so attracted to anyone i had just met.It was like she was a magnet,that i couldn't help but get pulled towards.And the fact that she was gorgeous,and beautiful and just so perfect, wasn't helping much.I just hoped, she had joined us for lunch,because i knew i was looking forward to see her already and i was literally looking at my watch for time to pass, so that i could see her on the beach a couple of hours from now. I heard Diya tease Aman as she said - “ oh Nick, the diving instructor, was really hot, you know, and maybe just for him, i could go diving again, already…”

Aman scowled - “ you gotta ring on that finger, lady , watch it….”

Diya grinned - “ well , i took it off, for now…”

I watched Aman scowl even more as he said - “ very funny, you are here with your fiancee….”

Diya bent forward and kissed him briefly on the lips as she said - “ oh, i love the jealous look on you…”

These two were adorable.

Dita, was busy talking on the phone, with her boyfriend, i guessed, and so i resumed eating.And it was right then I spotted her, Khushi walking in to the restaurant,and she spotted us,and she walked up to us,and i couldn't help but smile,my boring lunch just got very interesting.

Right then, I saw Dita return to the table,and she said looking at Khushi and she said - “ hey, i thought you were ordering in…”

Khushi smiled.And i swear, as i say this, that smile could light up a dark room,and he heard her say - “ yeah, but i changed my mind…now cmon let me see what are you eating..”, she said playfully,as she sat next to Diya’s seat,right across me,and started to eat off Diya’s plate.She finally looked at me,and she smiled.

I swear, I felt my insides do, a summersault.I smiled back as i asked - “ so what will you eat…Khushi…?”

She grinned - “ let me see…”,and started browsing through the menu.

I called out to a steward, he walked up to us,and took her order.

I heard Diya say as she winked at Khushi - “Khushi, i was just telling everyone, about how wonderful our dive was this morning,and even more so how hot Nick was…”

Khushi winked back at her as she said - “ you bet, he was…”

And all this while, i couldn't get myself to look away from her,and i finally felt a kick on my leg underneath the table,and i looked at Dita,as she gave me a smile, and then gestured me to say something,instant of just shamelessly staring.

I picked up the bowl of pasta in front of me and i said, offering it to Khushi in front of me - “ hey, why dont you have some, until your order comes,you said you were hungry…”

Khushi smiled at me as she put her hand across to take the bowl from me,and our hands touched for a split second,as she  was taking the bowl from me, and the minute we touched, our eyes locked,and i was sure, she felt it too, that sudden jolt of electricity that had just passed through.

She looked away quickly, to my disappointment,as she started to eat.

This was insane,and i looked at my hand,i couldn't have just possibly felt a current,that i had?This was strange,but at the same time it excited me. 

I wanted to get to know this gorgeous woman, in front of me.I wanted to know all about her. And i knew i would.


Khushi’s POV

We finished Lunch,and I saw Diya and Aman walk back to their room,and Dita too, as she really wanted to take a nap, before we hit the beach,and i was excited, because i really wanted to get out into the ocean, with the Jet Ski.

I noticed,Arnav hadn't got up from his seat yet, and i looked at him as i asked - “ you aren't tired?”

He smiled,that gorgeous smile,that made me feel flushed.He said - “ well, no, im not the one who has had an eventful morning,just work as usual,so not tired….”

I smiled back as i said - “ so I was just going to order coffee…”

He grinned - “ great, make it two…”

I smiled. Did this mean, he wanted to get to know me too?.That felt nice, very nice.

We waited for the coffe,and i heard him ask - “ So khushi, you are from Paris? have you lived there all your life? I like Paris, you know, i come every year, for work…”

he did? And i said - “ well, not all my life, since i was 15,but you do come? this great,so what do you do?”

He said - “ well, my father had started this fashion house back in India, from scratch decades ago, and so i cannot not give him the credit for it all, even though he has handed my the reigns, five years ago, he was the one who brought Raizada empire to life,but to answer you in simple words, I am a businessman…”

I smiled - “thats great, you clearly love your father a lot…”

He nodded - “ yeah, but tell me about you, what do you do…?”

“well, i just finished my MBA from Insead, like a week back, but i have a job starting at this amazing fashion house, in two months time, after summer…so i guess we have something in common…”, I finished,with a smile.

“ Nicee….”, he said,and right then his phone rang and it was Aman, i guess , he spoke for a few seconds,and said as he sipped his coffe - “ sorry, just a mail, that i gotta check, immediately…”

I sipped my coffee as i said - “ no problem”, as i watched him check his phone.

I didn't want to stop looking at him.I had no idea, what the hell was happening here.

I said, as he finished - “ hes nice you know, your friend Aman,and im baised,as he shares the name with my brother…”

Arnav smiled as he asked - “ he does….?”

I smiled - “ yeah…”

Arnav asked - “ so its you, and…”

And i sensed he was asking about my family so i said - “ my mom,dad and my bhai, my whole world revolves around them,include Dita and a few friends in there, and thats all….what about you?

He smiled - “ My dad,maa and di, and i could say my world revolves around them too, include a few friends, thats all…”

I grinned - “ I cant beleive, you just stole my words…”

“well, they suited my situation, so just them, is it, is there no one special?i mean a boyfriend…”, he asked, looking into my eyes.

I looked into his eyes as i said - “ well no, no boyfriend,for now, what about you?”

Arnav smiled,and i heard him say - “ well no one for me too, but hey tell me, how does some one as perfect as you, not have a boyfriend?”

That was a compliment.I knew it was.But there was something in the way he said it,he looked at me as something perfect,and i knew I wasn't that,and i didn't know how to answer him yet,and so i just said honestly - “ well, let’s just say, i have a knack of driving people away…”

Arnav looked at me and he asked - “ really??”

I nodded - “ yeah..”,and my phone beeped.It was Dita and she was calling me to the room and i looked at him as i finished my coffee - “look i gotta go now…see you on the beach”

Arnav smiled - “ yeah, see you…”

I got up quickly and made my way to the room.


Arnav’s POV 

I watched her leave, and i wondered why she said that, that she has a knack at driving people away.She was gorgeous,so pretty, easy to talk to,and like i had said, just so perfect.And i smiled,because i was happy to know, she didn't have a boyfriend,and  swear i was grinning like an idiot,as i walked to my room,this vacation was probably the best thing i could have done for myself, in the longest time.


Feb 23, 2017

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Take 5

Pahia Beach - 6.00 PM

Arnav sipped his Corona,as he heard Aman ask him - “ so, im your best friend, and i can officially declare that i have never seen you smiling so much, like i have since yesterday.What’s really on your mind Man?”

Arnav said to his defence - “ what the?? you are mad, i smile all the time…”

Diya teased him further throwing some sand on him playfully - “ yeah,what he means is that you been grinning like an idiot…and i really am interested to know the reason…”

Dita smiled, they had all been sitting in a group chatting,and she had spotted Arnav , stealing a glance at her best friend Khushi every now and then,and she did see Khushi glancing at him too,and maybe that was what his friends were teasing him about,and she listened keenly.Khushi could use a nice change,and he did seem like a nice guy.She sipped her beer,and she heard Diya say - oh cmon, as much as he wont admit, i guess this is about your friend, Dita…”

Arnav glared at Diya, how could she just say that out loudly.

Dita grinned - “ oh cmon, anyone would be blind to not see the two of you looking at each when you think no one is looking, but you know we are…”

Arnav grinned - “ Dammit, is it that obvious?”

Aman rolled his eyes - “ you bet it is…”, and he turned to Dita and he asked - “ so your friend, she clearly loves her adventures, i mean she hasn't been off that jet ski,for a long time now…”

Arnav nodded- “ you spoke my mind buddy…i wish i could do that you know, just be so fearless in life…”

Diya winked at Dita - “ oh please even if you wished, you couldnt, the two of them dont like water….”

Dita - “ yeah,i understand, because i dont too…i could never just go into the ocean, alone its crazy, only Khushi can…”, she finished fondly.

Khushi wasn't here, and so Arnav knew this was the right time to get some information out of her friend, and he asked - “so she did tell me she isn't seeing anyone…”

Dita nodded - “ yeah, she isn't , for a while now…”, and she winked - “ oh i can see someone is interested…”

Arnav smiled - “ you bet I am…”,and he continued to drink his beer,and waited for the girl of his interest to finally come as****.


Khushi’s POV

The winds breezed through my hair, as I headed back towards the beach, i looked at my watch it was 6.05, and i knew the tide would be getting high now.The time out into the ocean, had given me sometime to think.

I wanted to set myself free, of worries.I didn't want to be caught up in regrets.And i knew, i would regret if i didn't make some effort to know Arnav.I had walked out earlier ,also because i had felt a little uneasy,because he had called me perfect. I loved myself,but i didn't believe in prettiness too, i had a condition and i wasn't perfect.Not everyone would see, perfection, when they saw my artificial limb.I was attracted to this guy,and i sort of was starting to like him, and i couldn't do anything about that,and i could sense that he wanted to get to know me too.That made me happy, but the way he looked at me, as if I had no flaws,wasnt what the reality was,and I knew I could do something about that.I reached the s****, and returned the jet ski, and walked my way up to where everyone was sitting.I wasn't perfect,and now would be the time to let Arnav know, that.


Arnav’s POV

I watched Khushi walking towards us.Finally, i was going to get some time to talk to her.I saw her gesture Dita to pass her bottle of water,and she quickly  gulped it down as she said - “ guys, I cant believe how can you all just sit here, and not feel the thrill, it was amazing…”

I heard Diya say - “ and i wish i was even half as brave as you were…anyways i guess, we as in me ,Aman and Dita, have to go back to the hotel…”

Khushi - “ you do?? now??

I saw Diya, wink at Aman and Dita,and I knew what she was upto here,she was trying to get me some alone time with Khushi.

She was a good friend.Diya , you absolutely earned yourself a huge present from me.

Dita played along - “ yeah, you know, i wanted to make some minor changes in our itenary, to match Diya’s, you know its mostly similar anyway, i just thought, it would be so much more fun, if we went ahead on this trip together, khushi i hope you dont mind…”

Khushi shrugged, as she said - “ I don’t, i guess…”

My insides did a flip again, great, next 12 days with Khushi around, sounded amazing to both my mind and heart.

I looked at her and smiled - “ i was thinking of walking down the beach for a while, wanna join me?”

Khushi smiled - “ yeah sure…”

I immediately shot up,and i said to everyone - “ ok see you guys at the hotel…then…”

And we started walking,and our hands brushed against each others,and that sudden shot of current jolted my body yet again,I gave her a small smile,and then started walking.


Khushi’s POV

I watched him out of the corner of my eye, as we walked.It had been a few minutes,and we had been silent.I wondered what was he thinking, because i knew i was thinking about him.

It wasn’t dark yet, and the breeze was just perfect,and I spotted an area of a few small rocks on the beach,and i asked him - “wanna sit for a while…?”

Arnav nodded - “ yeah…guess you would be tired…”

I smiled - “ no, im anything but tired,i just want to sit here, you see the sun is just about to set, it’ll be the perfect view…”

He looked at the horizon,and nodded, and sat next to me, and i folded my arms on my arms as i looked out,enjoying the peace and the sound of the waves,and i heard him say - “ you know, i dont usually get time to enjoy the beauty of nature…”

I smiled - “ Busy Businessmen usually work behind walls, i know, and i know you are a very busy one…dont you go on a holiday like every year…?”

Arnav smiled - “ no actually this one, is my first in five years ever since i got back from Harvard…”

I was impressed.

“harvard, wow,thats a smart man, sitting next to me then…”,I winked.

Arnav grinned - “ oh did i make an impression, otherwise…?”

“ No, you did’t, but you know you should take out time for yourself, I do so, every year, its important..”

He nodded - “ yeah i know what you mean now, two days off, and i haven't felt happier, and free,having the time to relax,be with friends,do what i want, feels good,maybe i will do this more often….”

I smiled - “ you should…”, and then I started playing with the sand next to me.

He asked - “ so, how is it that, you are so fearless,I wish I could be..but I somehow don't have a big appetite for any sort of adventure…”

I smiled - “ well I wasn't like this always, i was different as a child, very shy,and introvert, until when i was 15, and then, Life happened, I changed..”

He asked - “ you mean when you moved to paris?”

I took a deep breath, and the sincerity with which he was looking at me, made me want to open upto him, and so open up, I did.


Arnav’s POV

I saw her deep in thought,and I wondered if she was going to answer, what i had asked,maybe i shouldn't have.It was sort of personal.But i really did want to understand what she was saying.

I saw her look into the horizon as she said - “ no, not just that, you know Arnav, we always take so much for granted, all the time, life, family, friends, I did too, i knew my family loved me,and I loved them, I never saw the need to come out of the shell i had built for myself,until I got a second chance at Life…”

I was confused.What did she mean by that? And i asked - “ second chance?”

Khushi gave me a small smile as she said - “ Remember how i told you about my family, earlier today?”

I nodded - “ yeah…”

Khushi continued - “ they are the reason why I am who I am today,they taught me how to appreciate life, I lost my parents,as in my birth parents in a road accident, when I was 15, we were on holiday in paris, dad was driving, when the accident happened, i only remember waking up in the hospital few days later, to find out that both maa and papa had been killed instantly.

I felt shock go through me as i heard what she was saying.This was tragic and i said - “ im sorry, Khushi…”

Khushi gave me a small smile but she continued -“ I remember crying so much, i had lost my family, my world,in a second, just like that, I didn't know why i was spared,but then Shashi uncle and Garima aunty took me in,and loved me as their own, and Aman bhai, what can i say about him? if it wasn't for him…”

I didn't know what to do.My heart went out to her,and I on an impulse, put my hand on top of hers as I said - “ Khushi,I had no idea…”

She smiled, but she didn't let go of my hand,and that felt really good - “ yeah, and you know what do be honest, i don't go around talking about my tragic past, with people i just met…but…”

I asked softly - “ but, what?”

Khushi - “ I dont know, why with you, i just felt I could talk to you,and also because you called me perfect…when I'm anything but that…”

I looked at her confused as i tried to get the meaning of what she was saying, that was a compliment, i had never given any girl, ever before,because i had never come across anyone so, perfect.

She smiled at me as she said - “ well, in the accident all those years ago, maa and papa weren't the only ones I lost…”

I asked - “ was there anyone else?”

Khushi picked up her left hand,and stared at it and her voice had so much emotion as she looked at it and said - “ this too…”

I looked at her confused,and she asked - “ wanna see something?”

“yeah…”, i said.

Khushi picked up her right hand from under mine, and i didn't like the loss already, and then she folded the sleeve of her shrug,and shifted something on her left elbow,and she started to roll something down.

I looked in shock,as she completely took out, what I now figured was a skin cover ,and I found myself looking at her artificial myoelectric limb,as i heard her whisper softly- “ I lost a part of me too, Arnav…”

I looked at her face, her beautiful face, and i couldn't believe what I had just seen.I could see that her eyes were searching for some sort of a reaction from me,and it struck me then,as to why she spoke to me about all of this.She had sensed my interest in her,and she wanted to be honest to me.And i didn't know, what exact emotion came over me, and all i wanted to do, was pull her into a hug, but i didn’t, I didn't know what she would think.I had to say something,but i had no words,i didn't know, what to say, i fought for the right words, and i finally said - “ So this is what you meant,when you said…”


Khushi’s POV

Khushi looked at him ,as she waited for some sort of reaction from him when she heard him and she nodded - “ this is exactly what I meant, when I said, I wasn't perfect Arnav, and you should know…”

I looked at the expression on his face trying to read what it meant and i asked - “ did i freak you out?”

He said softly, immediately - “ no, you didnt, Khushi…”

I immediately felt like an idiot,maybe this was a bad idea,I quickly picked up,my skin cover,and started to put it back on, when I heard him say -“ no stop, don’t…”

I looked at him puzzled - “ don’t what…?”

He said giving me a small smile - “ I am just awed by  how kool this makes you look, you know like you are right out of science fiction movie…”

I couldn't believe my ears,did he just say that?It was something my brother would say to make me feel,as if having an artificial limb was the most normal thing in the world. It made me feel very nice.

I smiled - “ you didn't just say that? you are very kind, Arnav…”

He slowly put his hand on my other free hand and said - “ And you, Khushi, are very brave, the bravest girl Iv ever met…”

I smiled.This probably wasn't a bad idea after all.

I heard him ask with concern - “ was it very difficult?”

I gave him a small smile as i continued - “ It was initially, i mean for the first three years after, I was very unsure about myself, you know it took me some time to accept myself with this,but then with time, and with my family’s support, i learnt to love myself, nonethless,my brother made me see, how this was a symbol, of my survival,and how I was so lucky to have a second chance, I decided then that I would live life, fearlessly, you know take risks, do all adventures on my bucket list ,love myself, and specially with this condition, you know there are people , who have looked at me with pity, and i hate that,totaly despise it,and its like all this thrill of adventures,gives me an extra adrenaline rush, it gives me an accomplishment, that i am no different, I can do what any normal person can, if I want to, its really all in the mind, thats what I believe…”

I saw him look into my eyes as he smiled - “ It really is all in the mind Khushi…”

I felt my insides dance as i felt I could almost take a dive into his eyes and I said - “ Look, i didn't mean to bore you wit h all of this…”

“you didn't Khushi, infact, it means a lot to me that you felt you could open up to me…”, he said

“It does?”, i heard myself ask.

“yeah, believe it or  not, it really does…”, he said sincerely

I felt him rub my right hand gently and I looked at him and said - “ Look, I just wanted you to know about my condition, because…”

“because, you also feel this sudden pull, in between us, don’t you?there is something here…i know there is, and i know you sense it too…”, he said taking me by surprise.

I said honestly - “ yeah, and its crazy and insane, we only just met…”

I heard him ask - “ Does that matter?”

I looked at him,gosh he was the greek god himself, the wind was playing with his hair,and the sun had almost set, I had never ever felt so attracted towards anyone, ever in my life.

“I dont know, Arnav…its just strange though, isn't it?”

He smiled - “ yeah , it is, but in a nice way…and just what makes you think you aren't any less perfect, just because you have an artificial limb, Khushi?”

I felt him cup my face tenderly and I couldn't believe what i was feeling, it was the moment, for sure, I almost felt he was going to bend down and kiss me right there,and i whispered - “ what do you mean, you possibly can’t…”

His face was so close to me, i could almost feel his breath on mine as he whispered - “ from what I see, you are even more perfect, with this super technological arm of yours…”

I could only whisper his name.i swear, my mind had officially shut down.

“Arnav…i….”, and I closed my eyes in anticipation and I couldn't believe I wanted to be kissed by him,and just as his lips were about to touch mine,My stupid phone rang,and much to his disappointment,broke the moment, and probably mine too.I quickly picked up my phone, it was Aman bhai, I spoke to him for a few minutes, by walking in the front.I put the phone down, and took a deep breathe, what would have just happened, if my phone hadn't rung.I would have kissed Arnav, what was wrong with me, i just met him like a day ago, this never happens to me,I have never kissed anyone like that in the moment, even with all my boyfriends, it would take me weeks of being into the relationship, to let them come so close to me,but here, this was different,it felt so natural,and so right.

Ok, something was really up here.I had officially lost it.

I turned to him and smiled, and caught him looking at me,and i gave him a flushed smile as I said - “ lets go, shall we, its getting late..”

Disappointment flashed his eyes, and i knew what it was about,but although i felt it was so comfortable,and so natural and I had never wanted to kiss anyone or be kissed anyone so badly ever,but that Khushi in me, that stupid one who always thinks so much about everything danced to the surface again,and i heard him say - “ yeah, come, Aman just messaged me,everyone is returning to city for dinner…we gotta join them…”

I smiled,and we started walking back.


Alfresco’s Resturant and Bar

Dita looked at Khushi, and she seemed lost to her and she asked whispering in her ear - “ everything alright , Khushi?”

Khushi smiled - “ yeah, just something on my mind…”

Dita smiled - “ great…”

And right then her phone beeped,and she checked it to be a message,and didn't know the number yet,but it read - “ you, ok?”

Khushi quickly replied - ??

It beeped again - “ seriously Khushi, its Arnav…i realised didnthave your number, just got it from Diya’s phone…”

Khushi quickly replied - “ oh, yeah im ok…”

“you seem lost, look im sorry if, i mean about…”

Khushi felt disappointment but she covered her expression, ofcourse he was sorry, about what would have happened, if her phone hadn't rung.

She quickly wrote - “ no, its ok, i understand,was the moment i guess, glad the phone call came..”

And right then she finally looked up to see Arnav put his phone away, she knew she wasn't going to get a reply to that.

Right then Diya asked Aman to pass her some fries off his plate,and Aman teased - “ i get it, you are on a holiday my love, and hey, you already finished your fries…”

Diya looked at him in fake shock as she said - “ are you implying,that I'm going to get fat ,because I'm eating so freely on the holiday??”

Aman immediately covered up as he said - “ no no, darling, what I mean is that I love my fries…”, but he lovingly fed her one with his hand, as he winked to the rest - “ gotta use your words carefully buddies, wouldn't want to get into trouble…”

Everyone laughed,and Arnav looked at Khushi for like the hundredth time, and their eyes locked briefly,and this time for a change she didn't look away. 


Arnav’s POV

AS i drove back to our resort, with Aman and Diya, I couldn't help but think of Khushi.I wanted to talk to her, as soon as possible.I had no idea, what was wrong, one moment, she was in my arms,and we had almost kissed,and i could sense that she wanted it too,and then the moment broke.I was disappointed, when she offered to just leave like that.Maybe it was because I had acted on impulse, for in that moment, all i had really wanted was to kiss her,and feel her in my arms.There was something about her, that made me feel so different,and it all felt so right at the same time. But I felt maybe it did seem a little too fast to her,and thats why i apologized,but then when she messaged that she was glad that the phonecall came in time, i swear, i didn't like that at all. I wanted to just tell her already, that i was sorry, if she did feel this was going a little fast,but i was not sorry about, wanting to kiss her.

I pulled into our Resorts driveway and I watched Khushi pull in behind us, in the Q7,and i smiled to myself, she looked so much in control,and so powerful,gosh, i had no idea what was happening to me here, I was loosing my marbles, i swear i was.

I got out, and watched Diya and Aman give me a small smile as they walked back into the resort hand in hand,and I smiled,as a picture of me holding Khushi’s hand flashed through my mind.I brushed it aside, as I saw Dita also walk back into the resort,busy on the phone, and i leaned against the door of my car,and waited for Khushi to get off.

She got off the drivers seat, and shut the door behind her, and she gave me a small smile and leaned against the door of her car, she knew I was waiting for her,and i said - “ you know what, maybe tomorrow, sometime, you should drive the Cayenne,i know you wanted it, but since you were so kind to me, consider it a thank you…”

She grinned ,and i loved it,I wasn't liking the worry on her face over dinner - that’ll be great, i have been waiting to get my hands on that beauty for a long time, you know…”

I asked - “ then why did you let me have it in the first place?”

Khushi smiled - “ Like i said earlier, i knew you needed it,you with Aman and Diya,and knowing Diya now,i knew she would have freaked out…”

I broke into a grin - “ yeah, she would have…”

Khushi - “ ok ill see you tomorrow morning…”

I smiled - “ yeah, but i aint swimming with those dolphins, honestly, i don't know how to ,you know swim…”

Khushi’s eyes widened in surprise - “ I cant believe you don't swim, anyways it'll be as much fun,watching from the match…”,and she started to walk away, and I didn't know what came over me, and i pulled her by her right arm,back to me,catching her by surprise as i looked into her eyes, trying to read what was on her mind - “ talk to me, Khushi…”

She was startled,as for sure,as affected by our proximity as I was,and I heard her whisper back - “ talk what?”

“about what was on your mind, over dinner, you were lost, i know you were….”.

She innocent look on her face,i swear i would have kissed her then and there, if she hadn't stepped back.God, i was so disappointed, what was wrong with her.

I saw her smile as she said - “ yeah, about that, maybe later Arnav, I want to, but Im tired, you know its been a long day, and I need to take out my brace…”

Worry came over me immediately as I asked touching her left arm - “ are you ok? are you in pain?”

She gave me the most sincere look ever,as she said looking into my eyes, and put her other hand on mine -“ thanks for the concern, but no, it doesn't pain anymore, but I have been advised to take it off you know after a long day, and specially after a physically tiring one, thats all…”

I nodded - “ ok, goodnight then…”

I watched her walk ahead a few steps and then she turned to me and said in a sincere tone - “ you are a nice guy,Arnav…”

I smiled back,as i watched her turn and head back into the resort.I have heard that before.But coming from her, in her beautiful voice, it just sounded so so different.

I walked into my room,and lied down on the bed,and closed my eyes.And then I started to think about everything she had told me this evening.I wasn’t easy for her,I could sense it, to talk about her loss,but she still did,because she wanted to be clear about her condition. I knew what this was about,she was unsure about how I would have reacted to the truth.

I could not even imagine the pain she would have been through, loosing her parents.I couldn't even dream about a day without mine,and then to top it all, loosing a part of yourself too, coping with the loss, accepting yourself for who you are now,adjusting to a new family, new country, new Life.That required insane amount of inner strength, I had no idea,how could she be so strong, and I couldn't believe I was already liking her new family,and I felt genuine gratitude for such kind people,they were there for her, in the toughest of her times. But she had fought against the demons of loss,pain and doubt,and learnt how to love herself,and live with an attitude which was both fearless and applaudable.I hadn't seen anyone, embrace loss like that,and I was impressed,and moved, in a very different way.And now that I knew about it all, i wasn't feel any less of what i had been feeling for her.Infact , it had all just heightened,she was an amazing woman,who amazed the hell out of me,and all i wanted was to spend as much time as I could with her, over the duration of my holiday.

I quickly took out my phone and texted her -

“Khushi, just so you know, you are the bravest person, i have ever met ,in the 28 years of my life…”

And i got a quick reply -

“Thanks,and Arnav, just so you know, you are the nicest guy, i have ever met, in the 24 years of my Life…”

I smiled.

Khushi was amazing.And i was going to get to know her, even more.Period.

Decision had been made, and I ,Arnav Singh raizada, never changed my mind,if I decided onto something.

And the minute I closed my eyes again, her face revolved in front of me, and i found myself thinking of how badly i wanted to kiss her,and what would I have felt, if the phone wouldn't have rung,and I would have got to feel,her gorgeous lips under mine.

Alright, i had lost my marbles,and I was going crazy,but I liked it nonetheless.Sleep started to take over,and I was sure, I had this grin on my face,because I had Khushi on my mind.


Khushi’s POV

I twisted in bed, for like the zillionth time. I couldn't get Arnav out of my mind,and I could only think of our proximity earlier.Could just someone explain, what the hell was happening to me here, for i had no explanation to give myself.I finally shook Dita next to me,and said - “ get up, Dita, i want to talk…”

She sleepily woke up in bed and asked me rubbing her eyes - “ whats wrong with you? i thought you were asleep…”

I rolled my eyes - “ do i look asleep to you…?”

Dita rubbed her eyes - “ yeah you don’t,whats up?

I finally blurted out - “ I almost, Kissed Arnav, this evening..”

All the sleep vanished from her eyes,as she jumped up in bed and then sat on her knees as she exclaimed - “ whatttttt????????? now thats a first, tell me all about it, what do you mean almost??”

I shrugged - “ Bhai called, just as we were about to kiss, its so strange, and I just cant stop thinking about him, you know that never happens to me, and its so so so strange…”

Dita smiled - “ yeah thats because you keep your emotions closed in a small treasure box,in your heart, and are alwayd on constant guard, its time someone knocked over that box, and your emotions come brimming out…”

I looked at her zapped - “are you even listening to yourself??seriously, help…”

Dita smiled - “ ok so what happened? i mean how…”

I sighed - “So you know, ever since iv met him, cant get him off my mind,and theres something,i cant explain, like some spark, some electricity shot goes through me,whats wrong with me?”

Dita - “go on…”

I continued - “ so, today earlier today after Lunch, he asked me how someone so perfect as me didn't have a boyfriend,well i knew it was a compliment,but made me think, if he was a tiniest bit interested , he needed to know about my condition…”

Dita’s eyes widened - “you never talk to someone you just met about it Khushi, i know you, it takes you some time to open about what happened, so Arnav must be different…”

I sighed - “ exactly, it felt so right, so natural to talk to him, as if it was the most natural thing to do,and not just i also spoke to him about ma and papa, which was another first and, i didn't just talk to him ok, i also showed him,my hand…”

Dita - “ wow khushi, thats a first, i remember Rahul and Derek got a glimpse of it after weeks…”

I nodded - “ yeah, then what is it about him, that pulls me, its like he is this magnet…”

Dita - “ how did he react? what did he say?”

I smiled - “ well i did think i had freaked him out, but he didn't let me put back my skin cover on, he said something like how i look someone out of a science fiction movie, and my artificial limb didn't make me any less perfect…”

Dita grinned - “Whoaaa, so the fire is on, on both sides i guess…but this is great Khushi…”

I sighed - “ it surely feels great, but you know, as much as I wanted him to kiss me,and i wanted to kiss him too, i backed out, also because I was nervous, im sure, i don't even know how to kiss properly,you know…”

Dita rolled her eyes - “ oh god, dont begin with your intimacy issues, now.alright listen why dont you just stop worrying, and let go for once, it'll all flow naturally…”

I looked at her skeptical - “ it will?”

Dita smiled - “ yeahhhh, and cmon Khushi he is gorgeous,and nice and kind,you gotta dive in…”

I grinned - “ you are right,maybe I should,but …a holiday fling,what after two weeks?”

Dita - “ lets think about that, when the time comes now,you gotta just go with what you feel, promise me you will..?”

I smiled - “ok, and thanks, i feel better already…”

Dita hugged me,and i hugged her,and then turned to sleep, already waiting for the morning to come.I felt myself shiver,as i recalled what I felt, when he had so tenderly cupped my cheek,rubbed his thumb, next to my lips,and I swear for the first time ever, I slept with the thought of what I wanted to feel,what I would feel being kissed by a guy.But he wasn't just any guy, he was different.He was Arnav.


Mar 1, 2017

Take 6 - Update - 1 March,2017 - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 23 times)

Take 6

10.00 Am - Tha Yatch

Diya grinned - oh my god, i am so excited…”

Aman looked concerned as he said - “ seriously you wanna do this?like swim with the dolphins? im not sure about this..”

Khushi reassured him - “ oh cmon, dont worry, shell be fine,and im there…ill take care…dont worry…”

Dita nodded - “yeah cmon dude, you can trust Khushi on this, she's as good as a fish herself..your girl will be safe..”

Aman smiled - “ ok,but die if you feel uncomfortable, tell khushi shell get you right back…”

Khushi grinned - “yes sir…”

Arnav smiled,as he said - “ Aman, chill, khushi says shell take care right,dont worry,and Diya is an adult…”

His eyes locked with Khushi and she gave him a small smile,and he smiled back.

They were all sitting in a group, out on the yatch, on this sightseeing cruise,and the guides were telling them all about the dolphin pods,and how they weren't very easy to locate all the time.And so they were waiting,and Arnav looked around,and saw several other yatch's behind them.

And right then Diya exclaimed - “ ok look i think the other match has spotted some, i guess we are heading there….”

Khushi smiled - “ yeah, you are right, so are you ready for this??”

Diya grinned - “yeah….”

Khushi smiled as she said to Diya - “ ohk, Diya, will you just pass me my bag, theres something i need to do….”

Diya nodded,and she picked up Khushi’s bag to pass it on, and as she was doing so, it just slipped her hand,and it fell down,and she said helping Khushi ,putting back stuff inside,and she spotted a long transparent case inside,with something that looked like a forearm ,and curiosity got the better of her,and she pulled it out, in front of everyone as she asked - “ Khushi, what’s this….??”


KHushi’s POV

I heard Diya ask as she had my aqua limb case in her hand - “ khushi, whats this?

Well, i usually don’t like to flaunt my artificial limbs around, i know people find it awkward,and i could see the curiosity on Aman and Diya’s face as they were eyeing my limb.I quickly stole a glance, at Dita and Arnav, and they both had a concerned look at each other,as they looked at each other, and then at me.I gave them a reassuring smile.

I took the case from Diya’s hand and gave her a small smile as i said - “ that, is my aqua limb Diya, I need to put it on, before i get into the water…”

Diya and Aman looked at me confused, and i heard her ask - “ put it on?”

I smiled - “ yeah, i lost my left forearm,in an accident when i was 15, it was amputated to save my life, so i work with artificial limbs,cant use my myoelectric forearm in the water, so you know, the aqua limb…”

I saw Aman exchange a look with Arnav,as I heard Diya say - “ oh, im so sorry….”

I gave her a small smile, although the look between Arnav and Aman was making me uneasy - “dont be, it was a long time ago,now let me just go and change, so that we can be in the water, when they say its time…”

Aman finally smiled as he said - “ so, this doesn't stop you?”

Dita jumped in to my defence - “ why should it ya?”

I gave her a gesture to not get so uneasy , it was ok, and I smiled - “ no, it doesn't Aman, its as normal as a real forearm, in fact, all thanks to technology, much better…”,and I saw Arnav smile at me,and his eyes locked with mine,he was about to say something, but i walked away quickly, i didn't want to be late.


Arnav’s POV

I smiled as I watched Khushi walk towards the washroom to switch her arm. She had just handled the whole scene so well,and I didn't say anything,because I knew she could handle it,and i guess so did Dita.She’s a strong girl,Khushi,and I was amazed, yet again.She really did make it sound like, as if it were no big deal.And to her it really wasn’t,and her attitude was commendable.It kind of made me feel something, i had never been so affected by anyone,as i was by her.

I heard Aman say to Dita - “ hey, im sorry, i didn't mean to, i mean, i was just surprised, i have never…”

Diya spoke in - “ never seen anyone be so kool about something like this…”

Dita smiled - “ no its ok, i understand, honestly when i first met her, it amazed me too, I mean if it were me, i would..”

I filled in - “  be broken? anyone would be, i guess, but…”

Dita smiled - “ but not Khushi…”

Aman asked - “ so you knew about this?”

I nodded - “ yeah, she told me yesterday….”.

Diya gave me a small smile - “im slayed dude, i havent seen anyone embrace a loss like that…”

I smiled - “ yeah, my thoughts exactly…”

I saw Dita give me a smile as she explained to Aman and Diya - “ she was 15, when the accident happened, lost both her parents, but her adoptive family is gorgeous, they love her like their own…”

I quickly got up,and walked in towards the washroom,to check on her and i saw Khushi just step out ,all set for the swim in her scuba diving kind of swim suit,and she had her hair tied up in a bun,and man, she stole my breath away.The suit, enhanced her curves,and the sight of this gorgeous woman gave me shivers.I, Arnav Singh raizada, was getting jitters.That made me smile, again a first.

I walked upto her,and I asked - “ you ok?”

She smiled - “ yeahhh, why wouldn’t I be…”

 I nodded in agreement - “ Right,and just so you know, i didn't say anything there, because i knew you could handle it…”

her smile widened at that,and i liked it.

She was grinning - “ thanks….”

I grinned - “ so everyone can't stop talking about, how brave you are…”

She rolled her eyes as she nudged my shoulder as she said - “and you and your friends are very kind…”

I saw her pick up her bag,and we started to walk back and our hands brushed.

And we both jumped apart , that sudden jolt of electricity was there,again.I asked her - “ did you…just…”

She smiled - “yeah…i did…feel that too…”

Our eyes locked for a brief second,and i felt myself getting pulled to her, and on my impulse,i held her hand and moved closer,and I said - “ just makes me wonder if…”

She looked back into my eyes as she whispered - “ what…??”

I swear, i was going to kiss her right there,I didn't care if anyone was watching and i bent forward and she leaned in,and right then I heard Diya’s voice calling out to her,and the moment broke again.

I cursed under my breath - “ dammit…”

Khushi grinned - “ time to jump into the water, you coming?”

“Yeah right, you know i cant swim…”

She grinned back as she said - “ too bad, you can’t…”,and she made her way to the front.

And all i could do was stand and watch,as she and Diya put the life jacket on,and made their way into the water, with all the others, who wanted to swim with the dolphins. I walked back to the front,and i was blown by what I saw.I had never seen so many dolphins, play and jump into the water like that.It was a beautiful sight.

I walked and stood next to Aman and Dita, who were  standing and watching,and enjoying themselves,and i looked on into the water,as looked for Khushi.She spotted us,and she and Diya waved,and the three of us waved back.She was a natural,and there was look of pure joy on her face,and it was starting to grow on me, her smile really was beautiful. I saw Diya starting to let loose,as she let the fear go,and I heard Aman sigh in relief,he did really love her more than he knew.I found myself looking at Khushi again,it really was too bad, that i couldn't swim.


5.00 PM

Khushi parked the car,and got off quickly,and she smiled at Arnav, who got out of his car,and she said - “ well , I'm glad you did something atlas, it was fun wasn't it?”

Arnav grinned - “yeah , it was, i never thought id enjoy parasailing ,but i guess i did…”

Khushi smiled as she watched Aman and Diya walk into the hotel hand in hand - “they are adorable, you know, your friends…”

Arnav nodded - “yeah, they are….”

Khushi - “you know what, i think you might have a streak of adventure, after all, you should give it all a shot…”

Dita jumped in from behind - “yeah, and if its upto Khushi, she will have us all jump from the plane…”

Arnav asked surprised -“ you plan to skydive???”

Khushi grinned - “yeah, you know queenstown is gorgeous…”

Arnav - “ but wait, can you, i mean wont it be …?”

Dita - “ yeah, i told her the same thing, but she's a freak…”

Khushi rolled her eyes - “ oh please, dita, but to answer you it shouldn't be a problem, i have written permission from my doctor…”

Arnav smiled - “ wowwww…”

Khushi watched Dita walk in to the reception,and she turned as she asked him - “ now don't tell me, you don't like heights too, no water, no heights….whats with you…loosen up, have some fun”, and she nudged his arm playfully.

Arnav smiled,and he tucked a strand of hair, behind her ear, and stroked her cheek,gently,and he said - “you know what, you are right, honestly, had buried myself to work for the last five years, i really had no time for myself,and honestly no time to discover new things….maybe,its time i started exploring…”

Khushi held his hand, on her cheek,she was really liking the warmth, and right as she was about to say something, she heard Dita’s loud voice almost like a scream,and she looked at Arnav, and the both ran into the reception.

Khushi - “ Dita..whats wrong…?”, and right then,she spotted George as he held Dita in his arms,and swung her in the air,and she heard Dita squeal happiness - “ hes here, oh my god…this was the best surprise ever….”

Arnav smiled,as he watched Khushi walk up to greet her friend,and they hugged,and then Dita introduced him to george,and he heard george say as he winked - “ so,iv got my room done, although i wouldn't mind sharing with two of my favourite girls…”

Khushi rolled her eyes - “ very funny…”

Dita winked - “ you wish,anyways, ill just get my stuff, khushi will you help?”

Khushi gave me a small smile as she walked ahead with her friends - “ yeah why not…”


Khushii’s POV

10.00 PM

I sipped my wine,and I stole a glance at Arnav,he was so amazing.There was something about him, i had never felt like this ever before in my entire life,and it made me uneasy,but it thrilled me too.I remember all the guys i had been with, look at me with over sympathetic eyes, when I revealed my condition to them,but he was different.He had no pity in his eyes, as if he saw me as someone whole,and not broken.And that really made me feel really good.Pity was the last thing , i wanted anyone to look at me with,and specially not from men.It was rare, his reaction,it surely was. I hadn't expected him to react the way he did.And i figured, that my condition wasn't a big deal for him, so i really shouldn't let it make me insecure now. I was still deep in thought, when my phone buzzed , i opened it - 

“Khushi, will you meet me after?”

I looked up,and saw him give me a smile,and i quickly typed - 


“After we are done with dinner with everyone, i want some time alone with you…”

I swear i felt myself shiver ,as i read that.

I quickly typed - “ yeah, ok….”

“how about that bench, near the beach, where I first spotted you,two days ago…”

I looked up at him,and I smiled,giving him a nod.

“Can’t wait…”, came his reply.

And right then, our eyes locked,and I swear i felt butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t wait too.


Arnav’s POV

I looked at my watch, it was 11.30 PM,and i leaned back a little on the bench,as i heard the sound of the waves, crashing on the s****,it really was very peaceful,and serene.It was a pity that i hadn't taken out anytime for myself in the last 5 years.Infact,even back at Harvard, i had always been so buried in books, wanting to be the best in everything that I did.I hadn't had what one call a real relationship in like forever, in the last 5 years, i had been out on a couple of dates which had turned into one night stands,it was easy,and convenient,for nothing meant anything,and I didn't have the time for it in my life.Maybe, i really had been wrong in depriving myself of genuine feelings, for someone, and maybe it really wasn't my fault because i hadn't met anyone that i had felt so drawn too.But everything had changed, in last three days,I had always heard di, saying that it really was all about the moment and emotion,and ever since I had met Khushi, its like all those emotions that i had been depriving myself off, started to flow in,and i was being drawn to her like crazy,and i knew it wasn't just attraction.But what was it? I had no name for this feeling, it was new to me, really new.

It was right then i heard her beautiful voice - “ Its peaceful, isn't it?

I opened my eyes,and smiled,and I shifted and gestured her to sit next to me,and she did and asked - “ sorry, did I keep you waiting long?”

“Not much, just a few minutes…”, i replied.

I had called her here, because i wanted some alone time with her, with no one around, and now that she was here, i was shocked because i was feeling nervous,from where should I start?

Right then she asked - “ so, what were you thinking?”

I looked at her and then looked out in the front - “about if i had been right or wrong, in depriving myself from prioritizing myself, you know, at the moment it seemed so right, but now that i have had some time with myself, it seems so wrong, almost as if i was so unfair with myself…im not sure if im making any sense here…”, i finished and then turned to look at her, to gauge her expressions.

She smiled,and her eyes twinkled,and my insides did that summersault again.

“well, you are making perfect sense, but hey dont be too hard on yourself…and im sure,whatever you were doing was important too, you wanted to make your dad proud, didn't you?”, she asked.

How did she do that? How did she just see right through me?

I nodded and  turned to her to face her and she turned a little to face me and i said - “ yeah,everyone i mean,back at home,in India, everyone looks at me as if i had this golden platter handed over to me just like that, but you know it wasn't that, I had to work very hard first hand to prove first to myself that i was capable of receiving what my father wanted to handover,I mean if I didn't believe in myself,how was my dad going to see it? And then everybody just assumes,that it was just so easy for me, but it wasn't all the pressure, the expectations,off me, its really hard to maintain something for a long time,but I knew I could do it, and take what dad had built to newer heights,and I couldn't be at peace, until I did it,and now that i think off it, my family always believed in me,but maybe it was always just about me wanting to prove to myself,that I wasn't just getting all that just because I was Arun Raizada’s son,I wanted to prove to myself,that i was capable,and well deserving…”, I finished,and i absolutely had no idea, how did i just let that all out in open to her like so easily, that was something  had never said out loud,but with her i just felt,I could.

She smiled,and she touched my hand gently which was on the bench - “ I totally understand, and looks like you did achieve what you wanted too,and something that was so important to you, did require it all, so all the time you invested and in the process you may have neglected a few things,but from where i see it, theres nothing wrong in there,so quit being so harsh on yourself, theres nothing right or wrong, just our perception, our perspective,thats all,and you did give yourself a break now didn't you, its never too late…”

I smiled back,she was right,and i said honestly - “ you know, I have never been able to talk this out with anyone, not even Aman, and it was just so easy…to talk to you…”

She grinned - “ yeah, i know what you mean, honestly,it was so easy for me to open up to you about my condition,and just so you know, I haven't shown my myoelectric forearm like that to anyone, like i showed you yesterday,maybe there is something to it, you know how they say, sometimes its easier to talk to strangers…”

I shifted a little closer and I said - “ well, we aren't strangers you know…”

She immediately said - “ yeah, but you know what I mean right?”

I nodded - “ yeah, but what if it isn't about that thing they say, what if its about this unexplainable magnetic pull in between us…”

I swear, that blush up her cheek,was driving me up the wall,and I heard her ask - “ its too evident to ignore, isn't it…?”

I grinned,and i cupped her face gently and she looked into my eyes,and I looked into hers,and I whispered - “ yeah,it is…and iv decided to let myself explore whatever this is…”,and I leaned in to finally kiss her,something that I had been thinking about what now seems like forever.

It was right then I felt her put a finger on my lips , as she whispered - “ what if I disappoint you? I mean im sure, im not very good at this…”

I heard myself ask - “ good at what…?”

She looked into my eyes as she said - “ i have to tell you, im not a very good kisser…”


Khushi’s POV

I saw him look into my eyes as,he gently pushed my finger aside and whispered - “ well,why don't you let me decide that for myself and i guess theres only one way to find that out, isn't there, Khushi….”

And he leaned in closer,as he cupped my face,and I closed my eyes and leaned in,he was right, there was only one way he could find that out.

His lips finally touched mine,and i swear the electricity that shot through me was something i had never felt.I had never ever felt like that,ever before,it was as if I was being kissed for the first time.I felt my hands,go around his neck,brushing his hair,and i found myself pulling him closer,as I started to respond to his kiss,and the minute i moved my lips over his,some sort of hidden passion erupted inside me,something i wasn't aware off,he started to kiss me deeply,and i started to kiss him back,and i had no idea I was capable of kissing someone like that. The passion that erupted,was driving me insane,and i knew he could sense it too, for he continued to hold on to me and his lips weren't ready to leave mine, just like how i didn't want him to stop.

I swear I had no idea, how long did we spend,kissing like that,and it was only due to lack of breath that we finally parted,and I opened my eyes,and looked at him,he opened his eyes a second later and I heard him say - “ you have to be crazy to think, you could disappoint me, Khushi…”

I couldn't believe the voice was mine,as I asked - “ I didn’t…?”


Arnav’s POV

I opened my eyes,to look into her’s,she had to be insane to think she would disappoint me,for what I felt as our lips had met, I hadn't felt something like that ever before,i had been with women before,but nothing had ever made me feel,what i was feeling right now.And i already wanted to kiss her again but i could see from her eyes, she was looking into mine,as if searching for something,and i finally said - “ you have to be crazy to think,you could disappoint me , Khushi…”

She asked me in a tone, that I swear sent shivers down my spine - “ I didn’t?”

There was only one way to give her, the reply she seeked,and so I bent forward and kissed her gorgeous lips again. her soft fingers, brushed my cheek tenderly and i felt myself drowning in the moment,she started to kiss me back again,slowly and gently,and I could sense,that she was trying to feel the moment,but I couldn't be gentle anymore, because the passion that had just erupted drove me insane,and so i pulled her closer by the hair,and let my control loose,her response was as urgent as mine,and i found myself getting lost in what i could easily call the most passionate kiss of my Life.

I guess, what would now be, many minutes later, I finally let go of her,for I didn't want to scare her away by this unexplainable passion that was ruling me and i asked - “ did you get your answer, Khushi…”

She blushed,and it made my heart flip as she said - “ yeah,and to be honest, i didn't know, i could kiss like that”

The wind made her hair fly and I slowly brushed her hair out of her eyes, as I said honestly, looking deeply into her eyes- “ Khushi…you made me feel something, that I have never felt ever before…”

For a second i thought she wasn't going to say anything, and right then i heard her reply softly - “ thats good, because you made me feel something that i have never felt too ,Arnav…”

I groaned,how i loved the sound of  my name in her voice.

And we just sat there , for a few seconds looking into each other’e eyes,and I knew no words were required,as she leaned in towards me,and I bent forward and we started to kiss again.We both wanted to feel,what we had felt again.It was crazy,and insane,this unexplainable bout of passion,but the good thing was, that it was something common, in between the two of us.


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Mar 6, 2017

Take 7 - Update - 6 March,2017 - New (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 20 times)

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Take 7

The Next Day - 11 AM

Arnav’s POV

I woke up,and looked at my phone.It was 11.00 AM. I lied back in bed,and closed my eyes.Today was our last day in Pahia,and we would be leaving back, for Auckland tomorrow,so this was like an extra day of leisure,to just unwind,and relax and laze around in our beautiful property.I felt Khushi’s thought come back to me, last night, I had for sure experienced few of the most passionate kisses of my Life,its like, I never ever felt like that ever ever before,and it was just a kiss,but the things it was making me feel were enough to drive me crazy.I remembered, how she had smiled, how she had blushed, how the amazing moonlight had lit her eyes. I swear i had slept so late, because i couldn't stop thinking about her,and now she was the first thing on my mind, and I really needed to understand from someone who knew me in and out, what this was about.I checked the watch.It was still 3.30 am in India.I had to wait until Di woke up, so that I could talk to her.

And right then I shot off my bed.How could I be so so stupid.Amongst spending all the time,kissing her, I had forgotten to ask Khushi about what her plan was for today!! I mean, we had this extra day of leisure, what if she didn’t.What if she had some other plan for the day,and what if I had missed her. I immediately went in to freshen up,and I quickly texted her -

“goodmorning, where are you??”


Khushi’s POV 

I looked at everyone,and smiled,I had two really happy couples across of me,as we ate Breakfast.Glad, I had planned this day off, for leisure, to just chill,because I knew we would be heading back to Auckland tomorrow,and then we would be on our way to Wellington.And i couldn't help but wonder where  Arnav was. I was already missing him.

I know, i had officially lost my mind,but i couldn't help but feel the way I was feeling.I remembered,how I had kissed him last night,like really i had no freaking idea, until his lips touched mine, that i was capable of kissing like that,and the things that it made me feel, i swear, it was giving me goosebumps.I had always believed that I had serious intimacy issues,but with him, I seriously felt none of those issues.It just felt so natural to be around him, to have him kiss me, to kiss him,to have his arms around me.

There, there, stop Khushi,I told myself myself,this was crazy **** happening to me,but for a change i wasn't scared about it at all.I was really feeling like kicks good about all of this.It was really weird though that how could I have just met him recently,and feel so so much emotion,in a a couple of days, that I had not felt in all of my freaking life.

I really wanted to know, where he was,for I wanted to see him,and I was just about to ask Aman about his whereabouts, when my phone beeped -

“Goodmorning, where are you…?”

I smiled.It was him.

I quickly wrote -

“Goodmorning,At the restaurant, with everyone, having breakfast,where are you?”

I got a quick reply -

“Just got up, I never sleep in so late…i wondered if you had something planned,and what if I missed you’

I quickly wrote - “ Relax Arnav, you are on a holiday,and no nothing planned for today…”

“ Great, ill see you in fifteen minutes then…”

I smiled to myself,and sipped my tea.


Arnav’s POV

I walked in,and I saw George-Dita,and Diya- Aman, walk out of the restaurant and I asked - “ you guys done already??”

Aman grinned - “ yeah, and its good, you know, i havent seen you sleep in so late,in like 5 years…you must be really relaxed…”

I smiled - “ yeah, that I am…”

Dita smiled - “ we were just going to chill by the pool,so why don't you finish your breakfast,and then you and Khushi join us there….”

Diya - “ yeah, and Aman ordered for you,now go eat quickly and see us by the pool…”

I smiled as I started to walk in and Diya tip toed to whisper in my ears - “ Khushi is waiting for you, and i swear Dita tells me she's never seen her smile like that,just like we havent seen you, so i guess, this holiday is really getting good for you…”

I felt my heart flutter with that piece of information,it really did make me feel so good, to think that she was as affected as I was.

I grinned - “yeahhh…”,and walked in to see Khushi busy in her phone.

I walked up,and sat across her and she saw him,and gave me a smile that I bet already made my morning wonderful and I said - “ thank you for waiting up…”

She smiled- “ anytime…I wanted to have another cup of tea…”

I smiled at her,and right then my order came and she said - “ Aman ordered for you…”

“yeah, i know, I met them on the way out…they are headed for the pool..”

“yeah…”, she said,and our eyes locked,and i saw a blush make its way up her cheek,and I grinned as I said - “  I quite like that, you know…”

She shot me a confused look as she said - “ Like what?”

I winked - “ that I can make you blush…”

She rolled her eyes, and i found it really adorable as she said - “ very funny….”

I took a bite off my pancake,and she sipped her tea,and i didn't take my eyes off her, because I didn't want to,and she looked at me and she said - “ oh just stop it, will you..”,and she threw a napkin at me playfully, which i caught just in time,as I said - “ oh yeah, and you think you can stop me…”

She said - “ Fine, go ahead, stare all you want, but if you are going to do so, its going to be really obvious…”

I ate another bite as I said - “ really obvious it already is…??”

her eyes widened in surprise as she asked - “ it is…??”

I smiled - “ yeah, so diya just told me that Dita told her,that she had never seen you smile like you have been all morning…oh would you care to tell me, whats making you smile so much”

Her eyes widened - “ oh no, she didnt, I'm going to kill her…its nothing, I'm just more relaxed than usual…”

“ She also said something like, how they haven't seen me smile that way too, in like forever…and I can clearly say, i know the reason for mine, its you Khushi…”, i stated.

She looked at me in surprise and she asked - “ I am??”

I caught her hand across,and looked in her eyes,as I said - “ you bet, you are…”


Khushi’s POV

I felt his hand, clutch mine,as he said, that I was the reason, for his smile,and I didn't know, but i felt those butterflies flutter in my stomach again.How could he voice what he felt so easily.I pressed his hand gently as I said - “ I should learn that from you..”

“learn what?”

“as to how you are able to say what you feel,so easily, Arnav…”

He smiled - “ thats how, i’v always been Khushi…whats the point in not saying??its just so much easier to deal with once its out…”

I smiled,yeah he was right and so i said - “ and i guess you are right,then you should know, you are the reason for my smile too…”

“I am??”

I grinned - “ you bet, you are…”and then I asked - “ ok, so how is this even possible, to have this sort of a connection,just like that…”

He smiled as he sipped his coffee as he said - “ yeah, about that, honestly, i don't know what could be the odds, but I swear, i haven't felt so connected to anyone, like i feel with you,Khushi…”

I smiled at him,my stomach knotted up with so many emotions, and I said - “ yeah, i know what you mean, i feel the same way too…”

he grinned - “ good, its common…”

We started to walk out and he caught hold of my hand as he asked - “ so, I know everyone is by the pool, but do you want to like go out, i mean just us, probably we can drive around the island,then walk around the city, I did promise my sister, id get her something from every place I visit…”

I smiled, a day out with Arnav,just him, i was loving the sound of it.

I nodded - “ Id love that…see you in 30 minutes…then?”

He nodded -  “yeahhh and dont worry, ill message Aman..”

I smiled - “Ok, see you then…”, and walked towards my room, i swear i hadn't felt so excited about a day, in forever.


30 Minutes Later

Arnav’s POV

I waited by the car for Khushi to come,and i couldn't help but feel really excited, like i hadn't felt for a day in the longest time.I mean, the last five years of my life had been quite monotonous.It was right then , I spotted her walk towards me,and she looked out of this world, so surreal, in the black and pink striped matching separates.The skirt ended about three inches above her knee,and the crop top,was a off shoulder one,the sleeves covered her hands,but her shoulders were completely bare,and boy, i felt my insides flip, at that sight.She was gorgeous, I had never thought i could be so so so attracted to someone at both physical and emotional levels.And it felt great.

I saw her walk up to me as she said, giving me a nervous smile,she knew, i had my eye on her, ever since she had stepped out of the reception,and she said - “ so are we good to go…”

I wanted to kiss her straightaway,and I knew I was going to,because I caught hold of her by the waist, and pulled her closer,and before she could say anything, I kissed her ,I felt her ease in my arms,as she wrapped her hands around my neck,and started to kiss me back. 

What i am sure was Many minutes later, I finally let go of her lips, from under mine and I opened my eyes,to look at her ,hers were still closed,and she looked amazing,I already wanted to kiss her again,but i stopped myself, we did have a day planned,and I grinned as she opened her eyes,and blushed as I said - “ Yeah, now I guess we are good to go, Khushi…”

She just blushed and gave me a smile, that gave me jitters.

I handed her the keys as I said - “ why don’t you drive, and Ill navigate us around…”

I saw her grin as she asked, taking the keys from me - “ are you sure??”

I nodded.

She got in the seat,and I walked across and sat in the front seat, next to her, and she started the car,and the look of pure joy on her face, at finally getting her hands, on the car she had wanted to drive for a long time now.

I relaxed in my seat,as I said looking at her - “ you know, I'm really selfish, I just didn't ask you to drive because i know you wanted to…”

She looked at me for a brief second as she asked - “ oh really?then why…?”

I folded my arms and I grinned - “ because I get to watch you…”

Our eyes locked,and I swear there was so much electricity in the air,she gave me a small smile,and then resumed her attention to the road.


9.00 PM

Arnav watched Khushi as she pulled into the parking lot.It had been a perfect day, they had driven around the island, then spent some time on the harbour watching the match’s sail by,and they had talked so much and then walked around the city,and she had helped him pick out a souvenir and a dress for his sister,and he was sure, his sister would love it.And then they had just spent some great quality time talking and getting to know each other more, over an early dinner.

He stepped out,and Khushi walked towards him,as she handed him the keys and she said - “ Thank you,for letting me drive…”

Arnav grinned - “like i said, i got to watch you, so…”

Khushi smiled - “ i had a really nice time, Arnav…”

Arnav - “ yeahhh, me too, and honestly i didn't know i could talk so much, i hope i didn't bore you with all  my business talks,but that was pretty much what my life was about,until now…”,and he held her hand and kissed it softly.

Khushi shivered,as his lips softly kissed her hand,and she looked into his eyes as she said - “ you can’t ever possibly bore me, i just think you should know that…”

Arnav grinned - “ good, another thing in common then, are we making a list here…??

Khushi - “ yeahhh right…”,and her phone beeped,and she checked her phone and she said - “ its Dita, so everyone is hanging out, in Aman’s room,and they are waiting for us…lets go…”

Arnav nodded - “ yeah…”,and they started to walk towards the room,and he acted on impulse,as he held her hand,lacing his fingers into hers,and she looked at him instantly and he asked - “ i hope you don’t mind…”

Khushi smiled,as she looked at his hand in her’s,their fingers laced together,even a moment as simple as that, seemed so special with him,and she smiled - “ i’d be crazy too…”

And they walked in silence towards Aman’s room.

As they were about to enter Aman’s room,Khushi let go of his hand,and he looked at her ,and before she knew it ,he caught hold of her hand,and Aman opened the door right then,and he walked in, just like that holding her by the hand.

Dita shot her a “ I want to know all about your day” look,and they sat with everyone,and Khushi excused herself to use the washroom,and she took a deep breath,and smiled,as she entered the washroom,this Holiday was turning out to be the best of all the lot.


Khushi’s POV

I looked at my phone, we had been sitting with everyone,for about two hours.It was fun,i was really starting to like Aman and Diya, and I stole a look at Arnav, we’d been doing that for quite some time now, stealing glances at each other, and id caught him a numerous times, just like he caught me now.God, I had no logic to explain any of this, to myself,but i knew one thing for sure, I was really liking what I was feeling, i had never felt so light and so happy, around a guy ever before.And although i knew he was going to be around me for just 15 days, it didn't matter, because I wanted to make the best of now.I didn't want to waste time, worrying about 15 days later.We all do that ,to ourselves all the time,atleast i have done that so much to myself in the past, kept on thinking about what next that I always ended up loosing the moment , the present one in the process.I was not going to do that,anymore.

Right then my phone beeped ,and I smiled as i saw his message 

“ok,so we leave tomorrow…”

I quickly typed - “ and,its been lovely, isn't it? this place…”

“yeah, and thats why, i cannot leave without seeing you…”

I quickly wrote - “ im sitting right in front of you Arnav, you are seeing me,and we were together the whole day, remember…”

I got a quick reply - “ I mean, at our spot, by the beach, ill wait for you,after…”

I felt myself shiver again,as i read that - “our spot”.Was i going crazy? those words never looked more interesting,ever before.I was liking the sound of that.

I quickly wrote - “ Our spot,it is…”


Arnav’s POV


I waited for Khushi, i knew she had gone to change,and so I just sat there, trying to store in the view in my memory.I had spotted her here days ago, for the first time,and I recalled how I had just felt it had been her sitting on the bench.

“our Spot”, it really was. We had kissed here last night, for the first time,it was also the spot in which, i had opened up to her about my thoughts that had always been buried deep inside of me.

What really was happening to me? I looked around, i didn't see her coming,and i took that time to message di.I opened my whatsapp,and i quickly wrote -

“Hi di, you back from work?”

“No arnav, its 5 PM.But im free,how is it going??you know what,mom dad cant believe its really you in that parasailing picture, you sent in yesterday”

“Very funny di, yeah it was me, I'm having fun, a lot of fun to be honest, I haven't felt so relaxed in forever…”

“ I am happy for you Chotte..”

I quickly wrote -

“Di, I met someone, her name is Khushi,and I swear to god, i have never ever felt so drawn to anyone in my life,like ever before…”

“Oh my god, Chotte, this is amazing, send me a picture…”

“Di, i will, but you gotta give me some help here, am i crazy to feel like this in so little time? like seriously, i have been smiling like crazy so much that my face hurts, but i cant stop,and she is the reason for it…”

“Chotte, sometimes it takes ages like months , years, to feel that connect with someone you may have known for the longest time, but sometimes, it just happens, just like that, with a snap of the finger, so relax, its ok,time doesn't matter, its the moment and emotion,and the connection like i always say..”, came her reply

I smiled as i wrote - “ the moment,the emotion,and the connection like you always say di…”

“The picture please…”

I quickly sent her a picture of us from earlier today,and I waited for Di’s reaction.

“She’s gorgeous Chotte,and you are right, that smile that you have speaks a thousand words,and i already like her…just go with the flow my brother, this time,dont let any worry take over…now i will talk to you later, as i gotta meeting…”

I smiled,and i thought to myself, di always knew what to say. And Go with the flow, I would.Right then I saw Khushi walking towards me,and It was already growing on me, that vision of her walking towards me, with the smile that could brighten this whole wide world.


Khushi’s POV

I walked upto him, and i could feel his gaze on me and I was already feeling jitters, why did he have to look at me like that?? No i liked it, i really did, but it just made me feel so flushed and those butterflies would just start fluttering at the speed of light or sound, whichever is faster,but seriously his eyes, they had so so much depth, i swear i felt like I could dive in them,and probably never surface up, i wouldn't even need my oxygen tank to survive!! I almost smiled at that crazy thought in my head, ,me,Khushi Gupta was officially going bonkers, and it had everything to do with this gorgeous hunk in front of me. I shivered as I remembered how he had called it “ our spot…”.I reached him and I smiled as I said - “ sorry Dita kept me in for a few minutes she wanted to know all about my day…”

He gestured me to sit next to him and I did, and he smiled as he asked - “ so what did you tell her…??”

I looked straight into his eyes as I whispered - “ the truth, how it was the perfect day…”

He caught hold of my hand, and i liked it so so much, i never liked anyone holding my hand like that, but with him, I smiled to myself,and he asked - “ perfect it indeed was, is that what you are smiling about??”

“No, not just that, its funny, you'll laugh, if i tell you…”, I said.

He grinned - “ ok, try me…”

I took a deep breath as I said - “ so you know, how you just held my hand right now, I swear I have never liked it before, as in i have never liked anyone holding my hand that way…its funny, and also you know I always thought I have some serious issues,about having people close to me,as in physically,thats why I told you yesterday, that I'm not very good at…..”,and he kept looking at me all the while in my banter and so I asked - “ what???”

He grinned - “ go on, i m guessing, i like where this is going…”

I continued - “so, Like i was saying, look iv been in two relationships before , not very long or so, but I have never let any of them hold my hand like this ever, also, it was weeks into being with them, that i would you know, kiss…oh god, im sounding like such a fool, i should stop….”

He held my shoulders and made me turn to him as he smiled and said - “ no, no, you see this is exactly where you should not stop, Khushi…”

I looked at him, and i swear it took all of daring,and adventurous guts put together plus some more, as I finally said looking into his eyes - “ but with you, it just seems so natural,and I like it, but i am sure,im crazy , and even more so crazy to actually say it to you, its been so little time…”

And he finally put his finger on my lips as he said - “ i feel so connected to you, like i havent felt with anyone in the longest time,as if i have known you, and I would be crazy if I dont say, that i really am starting to like you Khushi, like really,and so little time, who cares, my sister always told me it’s all about the moment, the emotion and the connection,and all three of them are tick marked in a superspecial category, with you…adnd thats not the only thing I'm liking, I'm also liking the fact, that Im letting myself just go with the flow here…you know what I mean??”

I smiled,wow, what all he just said,made me feel really special,and i said - “ yeah, for a change, I'm also letting myself go with the flow, Arnav…”, and I touched his cheek gently as i whispered - “ I really really like you too…”

The wind was blowing,and the sound of waves crashing on the s****, and the moonlight, or the stars, i had no freaking idea, was it the moment, or emotion, or connection , or maybe just it was him,that i wanted to kiss him, right there, and I was about to lean in, but he beat me to it, and his lips met mine,and I felt him pull me closer by the waist,and my hands went into his hair, and before i knew it, everything we had just said, to each other,every emotion,started reflecting in how passionate our embrace started to get.It amazed me,but I was literally loving it.Many heated moments later,I finally let go, and it was only because, I wanted to breathe.

We looked into each others eyes, at the exact same time,and I heard my name escape his lips as he whispered - “ Khushi…” Did i ever say, that my name never sounded more beautiful.

I felt him brush his thumb tenderly, next to my lip,and I could only whisper - “ Arnav….”

And before, I knew it, his lips were on mine again,and I was as lost as he was, in the moment, in the emotion and in the connection that was heightening in between the two of us.


Mar 10, 2017

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Take 8

Next Day - 3 PM

Arnav’s POV

I pulled in to the parking lot, of this services bay, on the highway.It had some resturants,and cafes,and we had been on the road for three hours,and we all needed a break.

Diya immediately jumped out,and stretched her arms,and Aman looked at her amused as he said - “seriously, you aren't even the one who was driving…”

Diya rolled her eyes at him as she said - “oh please, im just stretching my muscles…thats all…”

Aman grinned,as he saw me looking at the road,and he said teasing me - “ oh watching out, for her aren't you?? I think she was right behind us wasn't she??

I nodded - “ yeah a couple of miles apart maybe…”

Aman looked at me as he said - “you really like her dont you??”

I smiled - “ yeah, i do…”

Aman smiled - “ as happy as I am, for you,and i know she likes you too, but Arnav, its just what maybe 11 days more, what after that, you are going to go your way,and she her’s , your lives are in two different worlds,and not to forget, two different countries…”

I nodded - “I know what you mean, but honestly i don't want to think about that for now…”And i hid the fact that the thought of not having her around after 11 days made me really uneasy.

Aman looked at me - “ you don’t??since when do you put a break on that..”

I smiled - “ since now, for a change i want to go with the flw, where a girl is concerned…”

Aman - “look, im just worried, I dont want the two of you to hurt each other, thats all…”

I nodded - “ thanks, but i dont think, i will, i mean i cant hurt her, in anyway Aman…”

Aman asked - “ yeah, but what about her?”

I thought for a minute,but then i remembered last night and I said - “ i dont think she could too…you know what, don't worry, trust me”

And right then , I noticed Khushi pull in the parking lot,and I couldn't help but smile.This girl did that to me, she was making me smile way too much,and I couldn't complain, I was happy about it.

I watched Dita and George step out,and they gave me a smile,and walked with Diya and Aman inside the restaurant.So everyone was busy playing cupid in between me and Khushi, giving us a lot of space and time.I was quite liking the fact that my friends,and her friends, were both quite understanding about the situation.

I smiled at her as i said - “ hey….glad i pulled in for a break,or you would have driven all way up to Auckland and I would have to wait another couple of hours until I saw you…”,and I kissed her on the cheek.

She grinned,as she kissed me on mine and she said - “ oh cmon Arnav, its just been what, three hours,but you are charming when you do that…”

I faked acting clueless - “ do what??”

She held my hand,as she said,and we started walking inside - “flirt with me…”

I smirked - “ so are you saying, you dont like it?”

She grinned - “ I never said that….”

We walked in hand in hand, and joined our friends,and I swear to God, when her hand left mine, I absolutely hated the lack of warmth.

20 Minutes Later

I took a bite of my sandwich as I heard George ask - “ so tonight in Auckland,and then we all our on our way to…”

Dita grinned - “ wellington…and I'm so glad we matched our itenaries…”

Diya grinned - “ they were quite similar anyway, me and Dita discovered that apparently, we had looked up at the same website for travel advice…so…im excited,but its a short stay, before we finally head south”

For the first time ever, I really thanked the God’s for this co-incidence,coz if it hadn't been for that, I might have never met Khushi.I believe in God,but i never did believe in co-incidences, that much,but now maybe I do.

I looked at Khushi across, who gestured me to pass her the ketchup,and i did, our hands touched,and our eyes met, the chemistry in between us for really starting to get freaking obvious,and i found that absofreakinglutely awesome.

She finally said - “ Yes, and i will see you guys a day later, for I am taking a little detour…”

I looked at her shocked, a day without Khushi, I anyways had like what 11 days,with her, this would make it ten.No way,and before I could ask anything I heard Dita say - “ oh , please, Khushi havent you changed your mind yet…??”

Khushi gave me a small smile,as she said - “ no what, no ways,that is one of the main reasons why we are taking the Northern Rail,from auckland to wellington…”

Dita rolled her eyes - “ oh we are, because its like the most scenic route,and the train journey would be fab…”

Diya looked at Aman as she said - “ yeah, im excited about it too, thank God Dita made me give up on the driving..”

George finally said - “ oh Dita, cmon, let her be, you know she's wanted to do this forever, and just because we dont want to, it shouldn't stop her…”

Khushi smiled -“ exactly,its just a day…chill…”

Ok, so now, i really needed to know what this was about and so I asked - “ wait, what do you mean? what detour??”

Khushi explained - “ ok so, I have been like the biggest fan of The Lord of the rings,the hobbit,oh I love it, and Im going to get off at Hamilton, from where its just about a 50 mins drive to Matamata,and then a 20 minutes bus ride, and I finally reach the middle -earth, the HObbiton,the Shire? Does it ring a bell?

I had no idea what the hell was she talking about,and nor did Aman and Diya,but i heard Diya speak - “ yeah, the movies, iv seen one of them…what about it..?”

Khushi’s eyes twinkled with so much excitement as she explained - “ oh so, its  shot here, the movie, i mean all the parts of the Shire, in New Zealand, they have a movie set, its called Hobbiton, but its not just a set , its like a small village,so i plan to take a tour, stay a night at the farmstay,and then ill just hop on the train back on, the next day, and see you guys In wellington..I know none of you guys are a fan,and this is obviously by default a must visit for all of us fans, I cannot not come this far and not visit the Middle- Earth…”

Ok,So this was about some movie, i thought.Too bad, i never had any time for that.But not seeing Khushi for a day, didn't sound good to me.

So I asked - “ so you going alone??”

Khushi - “ yeah, like i said, I know none of you are…”

I said instantly - “ Ill join you…”

She gave me a small smile as she asked - “ you will??”

Aman and Diya gaped at me in shock as they asked - “ you will??”,and then Aman asked - “ but you have no interest in any of this, do you have any idea about it all, why would you want to waste a full day in the cultural capital, for this…”

Khushi - “ Hey, Arnav, its my thing, its alright, ill be just fine on my own, you don’t have to…”

I smiled as I stated - “ I want to Khushi, from what you just explained,sounds like an excellent piece of studio work,id like to see that…”,and then i turned to Aman as I said - “this holiday is all about exploring my new interests, so how will I know,I like something, if I dont let myself explore…”

Aman gave me a small smile as he said - “ ok, no worries…”

I asked Khushi - “ so ,what do i need to do to make the booking…?”

She smiled at me - “ you don’t need to, ill take care of that…”

I smiled - “ thanks…”

Now , I felt really better, a full day again with Khushi, alone, was something that really calmed both my mind and heart.

As we started to leave, everyone made their way towards the car, and Khushi held my hand as pulled me aside as she asked - “ hey, what was that about??”

I asked confused - “ what??”

She shot me a confused look - “ you do know, i can look after myself, ill be fine,you dont have to…i knew from the look you had on your face, that you have no interest whatsoever, ok tell me, do you even know anything about The Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit? you crazy what?”

She started to walk away,and I immediately held her hand, and pushed her back into the wall as I said ,caging her in between my arms - “ Khushi, i know I dont have to, because i know, you can watch out for yourself,and travel alone, but like i said, I want to, because I dont want to miss out on a day, with you, this holiday isn't going to be fun for me, if you aren't going to be around, trust me…I am not going to Wellington without you,and now that i have told you the real reason, I hope you won't mind…”

Im sure the look i had on my face, reflected that my decision had been made,she looked into my eyes,she smiled,as she asked - “ you mean that??”

I asked confused - “ mean what??”

She smiled - “ that its all about because, you dont want to miss out on a day with me??”

I nodded - “ ofcourse, why else do you think,i’d opt to visit, what did you say it was…the middle earth, the shire”

She grinned - “ you have no freaking idea about what it is? dont you?”

“yeah, i don’t…”

Khushi cupped my face tenderly,and my insides started their summersault again as she said - “its beautiful,it really is, I'm sure you will enjoy…ill tell you all about it…”

I felt my cheek bask in the warmth of her hand as i asked - “ so now, are you going to make the arrangements, for me…”

She smiled - “ absolutely….now that i think of it, i wouldn't want to miss out on a day with you too…”

I grinned - “ look i know, everyone is waiting for us…but i do guess we can steal a few minutes for…”, and i leaned in towards her, and she tip toed,and she looked into my eyes as she whispered - “ for what…”

I could only whisper - “ for this…”and sealed her lips for a kiss.


Auckland - Sky Tower 

The Sugar Club - 11.00 PM

Khushi’s POV

I watched Dita- George,and Aman - Diya, dance ,and I smiled to myself,they all looked so so much in Love.Arnav, had gone to freshen up, the washroom, so i was just sitting by myself,and I was glad, gave me some time to think about what I was feeling.I couldn't beleive, tomorrow,actually for like full two days, i was just going to be with Arnav, i was excited about it, but nervous too, because now, it was getting really crazy with all these emotions brimming inside of me.Just when i think i cant feel more emotion for him, i end up feeling something more, and it really was making me nervous, i was falling for him really hard,and maybe even he was ,but I didn't want to hurt him, and i didn't trust myself on that, because i always ended up driving people away,when they started to tread in too close to my heart,and Arnav had not just treaded,he had freaking trespassed and walked right into my heart,and I had let him in,as if I had unlocked that lock i had around for myself,just for him.There was a funny thing about emotions, that I now realised, until you keep them out, all is good, you let loose, and all they need is a freaking second or maybe maximum a minute to creep in and create havoc,and i had already spent 4 days which = to some 5760 minutes, thinking and feeling something for Arnav,and i had unleashed a havoc of emotions inside of me.Now how could i just ask him, to give me back the keys of my heart,and the question here, was, did I want him to hand it back.No, i didn’t.

I was loving every bot of what i was feeling as much as it scared me, i was loving it, and so i smiled and buried the worry-Khushi part of me back inside,and I waited for him to come back.

It had been a good evening, so far, we had all dined at this amazing revolving restaurant at the SKY Tower which gave us a complete view,and now, we were here at the Club,chilling and enjoying our last night in Auckland.

I was still in thought,when I heard a snap of finger beside my cheek and I looked back in a jiffy to see Arnav,and he bent down as he said in my ears - “ comes lets dance…”

I looked at him and said - “ No no, lets sit…”

The music was loud,so he moved closer towards my ear,making me shiver as he said - “ oh , cmon, one dance…”

I looked at him ,and leaned in to his ear as I said - “ Im, not very good at that…”

He smiled as he whispered - “ why don't you let me decide that Khushi,and I guess theres only one way to find out…”

I smiled,as i gave him my hand,and we walked to the dance floor,and it was a coincidence or something, right then a soft slow music started playing,and all couples got up close,and he automatically held me closer by the waist,and pulled me in towards him,as he smiled he was going to make me dance with him no matter what, i realised.

I gave him a small smile,as i started to sway with him, slowly, I was wearing one of my favourite black dresses of all time,it had these slits that crossed it in the middle,baring parts of my back and midriff,it was ****y,and it made me comfortable because it had my arms covered,i always wore something to cover my arms, for obvious reasons.

Right then, I felt his fingers caress, the part of my back that was bare, and I felt a sudden jolt of lightening go through my body,this man was making me feel a million things, both emotionally and physically.He gripped my waist,and our eyes locked, as his thumb brushed my navel, and i swear to god, i felt like as if he had cast a spell on me,and it was right then i felt him softly touch my arm,my left arm,and then he brushed his hand down my left forearm, my artificial limb,and I looked at him,and i was sure he could see the shock in my eyes,as he slowly kissed my hand, my left hand, my artificial hand.

It was my artificial limb, it was freaking impossible to feel his touch on it through steel,but the emotion that I felt,by him kissing my artificial hand,was insane,and it ran deep into my heart.No one , just no one had ever so tenderly touched my artificial limb like that, no one had ever kissed my artificial hand. And i had no freaking idea, why he did that, it threw me totally off guard,and I stepped back immediately from his embrace,shocking him, because i saw the look of disappointment flash in his eyes,but I couldn't be there in front of him, right now.I couldn’t, and so I quickly excused myself,and made my way out, towards the balcony, to get some fresh air.


Arnav’s POV

Ok, so i had absolutely no idea, why she ran off like that.One minute, we were cast under this spell,and i could feel all that sparks going off in between of us, and then I had really wanted to hold her hand, and i always held her right hand until now, and I had really felt like, so I had acted on impulse,and kissed her on her ledt hand, her artificial one, i obviously knew, she was nt going to feel any of it, through the metal, but still I had wanted to, so I had, because it was a part of her,and I just wondered if that had thrown her off guard, and so I just went after her.

I went to the balcony,this was a club,so it was obviously crowded, with a lot of people, standing, drinking and talking,and enjoying the breathtaking view.Ut my eyes weren't interested in any of that, for they were looking for Khushi.I finally spotted her at the further end,she was looking out,into the skyline, she had her back towards me.I quickly walked towards her,and I asked standing next to her - “ whats wrong??”

She didn't look at me,she continued to look into the skyline, couldn't blame her, the view was amazing,and so i said - “ ok, so if, you really wanted to come out for the view, you should have just said so…”

She turned to me as she said - “ look, i need to go…”, and she started to walk away.

I held her right hand and i said - “ Khushi, don't walk away when I'm talking to you, i hate it…”

She gave me a look and the confusion and the worry on her face worried me and so i asked, touching her face - “ hey, whats wrong? talk to me??”

She got my hands off her face,ok so what the hell was up with her, and she looked out towards the skyline again ,ok, now for the first time ever i was started to get angry here but I said controlling my anger - “ whats wrong with you? will you please talk to me?? you know you just cant go all silent on me, im not going anywhere , until you tell me whats up with you…”

She finally looked at me and she said - “ Arnav, maybe this was a bad idea…”

I looked at her confused,what the hell did she mean - “ what do you mean?”

She looked at me as she said, i couldn't read her eyes, and it was making me angry because i really wanted to know what was on her mind - “ I mean, this Arnav, you and me, It was a bad idea…”

Ok, ouch, now that hurt.

And I asked,sure that it was evident in my voice - “ what?? you ought to be outta your mind…”, and i pulled her by her arm,closer to me, and i asked - “ I know you feel something too, then…why are you saying all of this? Khushi , whats wrong…??”

She didn't take her arm away, that felt good,and she looked at me as she said - “ I told you, i have a knack of driving people away…look, you should stay miles away from me,and I should stay miles away from you, i think its for the best…”

I looked at her shocked and hurt - “what the **** Khushi? you cant possibly mean that? you may have a knack for it, but please don't push me out like that…what are you so scared about??”

She looked me as she said, gesturing to my face - “ this, exactly this, of hurting you, i know i will, I always screw up, I always do that, and you are making me feel way too much, you are making me feel so much emotion, like i have never felt in all of my freaking my life….”

I looked at her confused - “ so thats a good thing right??why are you so worried, what happened to going with the flow??”

She stepped closer to me as she said- “ thats the freaking problem, going with the flow, too many emotions playing a havoc on my mind,I cant handle this…”

She was scared, and overwhelmed with everything she was feeling,and I wanted to tell her that I was feeling the exact same thing ,and so I stepped closer as I said - “ so you are going to shut this out? shut out whatever you feel, you are no one to tell me what to do, and specially about whether its about staying away from you, because too bad Khushi, I dont want too…and I won’t,and i will not let you shut me out…this isn't just about you, i also feel dammit…”

She looked into my eyes as she asked - “ why did you touch my  forearm like that? why did you kiss my hand, i mean, my artificial hand…did you honestly think i could feel anything thrugh steel..”

I shot her a confused look, we were so close, and all i wanted was to kiss her, but she was being very unreasonable at the moment and so I just stated the truth - “ because, its a part of you dammit, i wanted to, and so i did, you know unlike some people, i do believe in flowing with what I feel…”

I knew she could sense my anger, and i looked away towards the skyline as I heard her whisper softly - “ i obviously couldn't feel anything through steel, but the emotion…”,and she slowly took my hand ,making me turn to her ,and she kissed my hand,and then she placed her hand over her heart as she continued - “ but the emotion that I felt,when you kissed me there, that scared the freaking hell out of me, no one, just no one has ever done that ever before, Arnav…”

OK,now I finally got what this was about.She was scared and overwhelemd,and it was a sensitive way too sensitive thing for her,and i didn't want to scare her, but i had just followed my emotion. I instantly pulled her into a hug,and she hugged me back,and I just held onto her, for a while, and then I let go, and I cupped her face slowly as i said - “ like i said, i wanted to Khushi, its a part of you, i like all of you, which very much includes your hand of steel…”

She finally smiled,and that felt great,and she put her forehead on mine as she whispered - “ im sorry, i didn't mean…”

“I know”, I said, kissing her forehead,and I whispered - “ please dont ever say, that you and me are a bad idea,because you know what I know it isn’t, and even if you feel so, i dont care…because deep down,i know it isn't and i know thats what you truly feel…and just so you know, you are making me feel all the emotions ,that i haven't felt in all my freaking life too…”

She smiled and put her hands around my neck as she whispered - “ so then, this isn't a bad idea after all…”

I pulled her closer by the waist, my hands started to caress her bare back,and i knew it was back, that spell in between us,and I felt my other hand,caress her bare midriff,and i felt her shiver in my arms,and I slowly bent forward and whispered against her lips - “ it never could be…”,and i finally kissed her.

I felt her move her lips on mine, and the way she started to respond to my kiss, drove me insane, for their was so much urgency, so much passion, it was as if she was trying to tell me that she was really sorry about what she had just said, she was really sorry about trying to shut the door on me.And so I just gave in to the moment, and started to kiss Khushi even more so deeply,and I knew it would be really long before I could let go,because i wanted to pour in every emotion that I was feeling into that kiss,and like I believed in going with the flow about what i feel, i did precisely just that.

And the minute i felt her pull me closer to herself,as close as what was humanly possible, i knew one thing for sure, that any thing could be a bad idea in this whole wide world,but not her and me.

Arnav and Khushi, could never,ever be a bad idea.


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May 30, 2017

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Take 9

(The Next Day - 740 AM)

Arnav’s POV

I looked at Aman and Diya and then at George and Dita,and i asked, looking around - “ Dita, you did say that Khushi was going to be here in five minutes..where is she?? The train is going to leave in five minutes…”

Dita - “yes, she stopped by a souvenir shop, she did say she’ll be quick…”

I looked at her - “seriously , a souvenir shop at this time or the morning…what did she want??”

Dita smiled - “ I dont know her, she will have it her way, i did tell her we were getting late…but..”

That’s it.I wasn't going to be sitting on this train, and wait for Khushi to miss it,if Khushi was going to miss it, i would miss it too.

I got up,and Diya looked at me as she asked - “whats up?”

I gave her a small smile - “ Ill just be back…”

Diya smiled at me as she said looking at Aman - “someone isn't himself anymore….”

Aman looked at his watch as he said - “ you do have four minutes…”

I smiled - “more than what i need”

I walked as fast as I could, and i Planned to haul Khushi in my arms and get her on the train in time, for I didn't want to miss out, on what we had planned for the next two days, we were finally going to be all by ourselves, and boy was I excited, and now Khushi and her soverniur shopping.

I smiled, how did this girl always manage to make me smile, even in my thoughts.

Actually, i was also smiling in my sleep.Right then,I remembered our time, at the balcony of the club, last night, and i grinned even more.We had spent a lot of time, just gazing into the skyline, while Khushi stood in front of me, in my arms,and I held her close from the back,and the things that i felt when she leaned back into my arms, snuggling closer into me, came back to my mind, and I felt happier than i had ever felt

Yes, it was true, I really was not in the controlled and selfish businessman mode,that i had been for the last four years of my Life. I was officialy, in the mode, that was being ruled by my heart,and i had been like that for the last 4 days, and i knew these days would officially go down as the best days of my life, because of Khushi, ofcourse.

Boy, I was thinking that I was starting to loose my mind, and I was so wrong, because I had officially lost it.

I smiled,and I reached the entrance of the train, and the minute i looked out at the platform,I breathed a sigh of releif, as I spotted Khushi running towards me,and I held out my hand in front of her,and she gave me her hand, and i helped her in into the train and she said, taking a deep breathe, and giving me her million dollar smile - “ thank god, you have no idea, how I had to convince the gentleman in front of me at the shop, to let me bill first,for a minute late, i would have surely missed the train…”,and I watched her lean back as she said - “ glad, Dita and George got my stuff in, for i would have never made it with all my luggage…”,and she paused,as she looked at me, and then she said grinning - “stop it, stop staring so shamelessly…”

I smiled.The minute she was In, i had leaned back against the wall,in releif,and folded my arms in amu****t and started to stare at her, in her banter, and right then the doors of the train closed,and the engines started and I took a deep breathe,as I stepped closer and held her by the hand as i said - “make that 30 seconds, if you were 30 seconds late, you would have missed Khushi, but thats why i came by the door, I would have stepped out in the next ten seconds, if I hadn't seen you…”

She smiled.I was now used to the jitters that smile gave me,and she asked,as she laced her hand with mine, and my heart flipped. “Really?? you were going to miss it for me…”

I clutched her hand softly as I whispered, looking into her eyes - “ofcourse, I'm sure by now, you already know, that i am not going through on this holiday without you…”

She grinned,as she immediately hugged me,and I hugged her back,and i pulled back, a couple of minutes later, and I asked - “what were you doing??I am really keen to know, what souvenir caught your interest…”

She grinned as she said - “youv gotta see this…”,and I swear the way her eyes twinkled, lit up my whole world.

I saw her take out a small packet from her bag,and she took my hand and kept it and I looked at her as I asked - “ for me??”

Her eyes twinkled - “ yes for you ofcourse, cmon, a small gift, and just so you know, I plan to give you a small soveniour, from every place we visit, I want you to have somethings to remember me by,once this holiday is over…”,and as she finished that last bit, her voice had softened,and I looked up,and our eyes locked,and I know she could sense it too,and probably feel it too, that emotion, that intense emotion that was born in my heart, at the thought of the holiday being over.

I calculated in my head.Ten More days, that was all that was left of our trip.But I didn't want to think right now, because i was absolutely hating the emptiness that had started to surface at the thought of not having Khushi around.

I saw her look at me earnestly, and i realised that she was obviously still waiting for me to open the the packet, and I nudged every other thought aside and I smiled as I heard her say - “cmon, go on…i thought i wouldn't it to you until we were at the Shire, but, i couldn't wait…looks like your going with the flow is really rubbing onto me…cmon see it,lets just sit here for a while, if that ok with you??”

I nodded, as i touched the packet in my hand, I couldn't tell her that i was really moved, because it had been a while, that I had received any kind of gifts from anyone apart from my family.Infact, no girl had ever gifted me anything,and although i didn't know what this was yet, but that it didn't matter, because it was from Khushi.It was already super special for me.

I watched her sit down cross legged, and she took out a small bottle of water, and sipped it, and I automatically sat down next to her, I understood what this was about.She wanted me to see this now, and not in front of everyone,and we were out of the cabin by the doors,we had privacy here.

But I clutched it in my hand as i whispered, looking into her eyes - “ thank you…”

She looked at me, and said with mischief in her voice - “what?? you havent even seen it yet…”

I cupped her face gently as I whispered - “ you do know, you are the first girl to ever gift me anything…are you sure we aren't making a list of first’s here…??”

She gave me a soft smile as she whispered - “ we should get down to doing that, how about later tonight??”

I nodded.

She nudged me - “cmon open it now…”

I smiled,as I opened the packet, and then i opened a small box kind of things, and I found myself looking at a  wooden keyring which had “Auckland”written over it, in a beautiful font, and I heard her whisper - “ oho…turn it over…”

I turned it over,and i noticed that it was a keyring, that had some sort of a hidden case behind, and i shifted the small latch to open it, and when I did, I felt my heart stop, like literally stop,because i was looking at a very small flat glass kind of a slate, with words engraved that read - “ I will never forget where I first met you..”

I continued to look at those words. They were simple, yet they had so much depth, so much meaning.They moved me.

I looked up at Khushi and our eyes met and I whispered holding her hand - “ thank you Khushi…”

She looked at me as she whispered softly - “ Im sorry, i mean, there wasn't enough place to get my name engraved, you know, I just wanted to get you something, and i spotted this while we were all making our way,and then lucky for me, i found this one in which i could give you a hidden message too,you are special to me Arnav, i know i am not very good with words…but I want you to know that you are…”

I immediately bent forward and kissed her cheek as I whispered - “ and i want you to know that you are too Khushi, very special to me…”

Her eyes twinkled as she said - “ you know its only fair I got you a key ring, isn't much but just perfect, want to know why??”

I rubbed her cheek tenderly as I asked - “why??”

She grinned - “well, you know we both love cars, and we did meet for the first time at car rental outlet, here in Auckland…”

It actually happened.My Heart official stopped, again, literally, how was I still breathing?? I don't know.

But that was what really happened, as the realisation and the meaning behind her gift actually truly dawned on me.It was a key ring,for my car keys,for she knew my love for cars, it had Auckland engraved on its front, because that was where we first met,and not just that, the hidden message, it was a reminder of how and when did they first meet.


I was completely thrown off balance, but then that wasn't a new thing, for recently Khushi had been throwing me off guard for so many days now, and I have no idea what came over me as i  immediately, cupped her face,and closed my lips over her’s for a kiss.

I started to kiss her, i didn't care, that we were sitting right in front of the train doors.

I felt her hands go around my neck,as she started to kiss me back,and i realised she didn't care about being walked over by anyone anymore, and so I pulled her close and I poured every emotion that i had just felt into the kiss, and a few minutes later, I pulled apart, and I felt her cup my face tenderly as she asked - “did you like it??”

I grinned,she had to be a fool to ask me that,and i said - “ i thought you got my answer already…”,and she blushed,God, i already wanted to kiss her again but i controlled myself and I kissed her on her cheeks as I whispered - “ I loved it Khushi, thank you…the emotion that you made me feel, was insane,no one has ever gifted me something so thoughtful and meanigful…”

She smiled as she kissed my cheek - “only fair, now you know how I felt when you kissed my hand of steel last night, although i had no clue, my gift would make you feel that way..but Im glad it did..”

And she got up,as she said, giving me her hand, just like i had held mine out to her, while helping her on the train - “cmon, lets go in on, im sure, everyone will be waiting for us…infact in two hours we have to get down at Hamilton…”

I nodded,as i took her hand, and I got up.

I laced my fingers through hers,and I pulled her through as we entered the cabin to join everyone.

I didn't know, how to tell her that her small gesture, had flipped everything inside of me,and the emotion that I felt ran deep into my heart and soul.


945 AM

Khushi’s POV

I looked at Dita-George and Diya-Aman and I said - “ we will see you all tom by 7 pm, i guess, i mean, we will hop back on at 10 in the morning from here, and will reach Wellington by 6…”and i looked at Dita - “ please message me where you are, and we will join you..”.

Dita - “0fcourse Khushi…”

George grinned - “and send me pictures…many many of them..i know you have been so excited for this, since forever…”

I grinned - “ofcourse…”and I saw Arnav walk back,towards our seats, and Aman and Diya were behind him, we were all chilling by the small cafe and pantry at the end of the car, until I came back to our seats with Dita and George,and he asked smiling at me - “are we good to go?? we reach Hamilton in ten minutes…” 

I nodded as i picked up a small bag that i had packed for my two days out,and I saw Arnav pick up his small cabin bag,and he looked at Aman and Diya,and he said - “ i will see you guys  tomorrow…”

Diya teased - “and we want a lot of pictures, of both of you…”,and she paused as of for dramatic affect,and then she said - “of both of you together….”

I gave her a smile and i said - “ofcourse…”

I hugged Dita and George, and I gave Aman a smile as I said - “ do you know you share a name with my brother??so call it bias, but i really am fond of you…”

Aman smiled at me as he hugged me from the side - “ i know, Arnav told me…and im glad…”

I watched Arnav laugh at something George had just said, and Dita was whispering something into his ears,and i looked at Aman and I asked - “ he did??”

Aman smiled - “he does talk about you Khushi, he really likes you…and i know that you do so too,infact id like to thank you, iv never seen my friend happier…”

I smiled, these people were really nice - “well, im only returning the favour to be honest, he makes me happy, really happy, and its strange though..”

Aman - “strange i know…thats just how it is…have fun…”

I nodded,and i watched Arnav walk to Aman,as he patted his shoulder,and then he took my hand, as if it were the most natural thing to do,and we made our way out, waving bye’s to everyone,as we got off at Hamilton.

I took a deep breathe,as i looked at his hand holding mine, the sight was growing on to me, i loved the fact that he held my hand so frequently.

He really was special, so special.

Honestly, after what he made me feel last night, i spent a lot of hours laying in bed thinking about him,in general.Everything about him was so so wonderful,and the things that he was making me feel,strange, so powerful,and yet i was loving it, even though i was scared the hell out of my mind,it did really seem like as if he had knocked over that box of emotions that I kept locked up in my heart guarded my a huge lock.

And then in the wee hours of the morning, as we got ready and checked out of the hotel, i had decided on getting him a small gift from everywhere we went together, because i really did want him to have somethings to remember me with once the holiday was over.And to my luck, i had been able to get my hands on something which was a perfect gift, was a symbol of how we met, and would remind him of the same, because i knew i could never ever forget where and how i first met him.

Although i had no clue, he would be so touched by it,i mean, it wasn't anything big,and he was a business tycoon, what could i gift him anyway, what could i gift him that he didn't have already?? So i went with the flow,and kept it simple and got him something that would only reflect emotion.

I finally felt him snap his fingers in front of my face as he grinned - “hulloooo…”

I grinned - “ im sorry…i love looking at the trains go by”.I lied, because i couldn't possibly tell him, that i was lost in his thouhgts, even when he was beside me,because that was surely very crazy.

He grinned as he put a arm around my shoulder as he asked - “cmon, i booked us a Uber to take us to the bus stop, that will take us to your Middle Earth…”

I grinned,as i nudged his arm gently - “look at you, all excited, iv i hadn't known, i would mistake you for a fan…”

He faked a funny look as he gaped - “oh is the excitement so evident on my face…”

I nodded,as we got into the taxi, the driver was waiting outside.

I had to give it to Uber,their service was amazing.

I saw him look at me,and it was as if I understood what he was implying,and i immediately shifted closer and snuggled next to him.

It felt so natural,as if we had been hopping into cabs together, forever.

He started to play with my hand as he said - “ oh btw, just so you know, all this excitement isn't because, im visiting a movie set, its only because, its just going to be us for the next 32 hours…”

I blushed.I knew I was as red as a tomato,and i looked at him,and i touched my cheek,and fanned myself,and he laughed.

I loved it, that sound of his laughter made me feel something so different.It was the kind of the laughter,that gave you peace.

I grumbled,as i shot him a look - “what, fine….laugh all you want..”

He touched my chin gently and he made him look at him,and as our eyes locked,and those goosebumps were back again and he whispered - “ you do know,that blush up your cheeks, makes me want to kiss you straightaway…”

I am sure, i forgot the method of taking a breathe in,because in that moment, i felt dazed,and completely thrown off gaurad,as if i was thrown of a cliff.And it felt much like a adrenaline rush,that i was so used to on my adventures. The thrill of knowing this man,was surely no short of an adventure.

And I looked into his eyes,again, and i realised that he was still looking at me and I gathered all my guts as I smiled - “remember that list of first’s…”

He understood what I was implying,and he cupped my face tenderly as he leaned in close,and I leaned into him as i whispered - “so iv never been kissed in a cab, ever before…”

He smirked,as he whispered, his lips now dangerously close to mine - “well to be honest i dont think i have ever kissed anyone in a cab too…”

Im sure, my eyes twinkled in that knowledge,and before i knew it, he had sealed my lips with his for a kiss.

I pushed my hand in his hair, as i pulled him closer, and started to move my lips over his.I caressed the nape of his neck gently and I let him deepen the kiss,as he started dominating our embrace, and i felt no less than a happy prisoner, in that moment.

I knew I could never complain about being caged in his arms.


50 Minutes Later

Arnav’s POV

I got into the bus, behind Khushi, and I saw her look out the window as she squealed in excitement - “ i cant believe I'm almost there, 20 minutes, and ill be at the enchanting Shire..ohh the happiness, of a dream turning to reality…”

I laughed.How could I not?? This girl,was my own brand of laughter,for I knew, only she could make me laugh like this.

She looked at me as she said - “ you do know your laugh is amazing, its as contagious as a babies laugh…and so pure…”

I looked at her as I nodded - “ i know, my mother always says so…”

Khushi smiled at me as she said - “ thats good, you are very close to her, right??”

I nodded,the bus started and I said - “ yes, very close, actually i am equally close to both maa and dad, and even di…but yes maa and di do top dad, a tiniest tad bit…”

She smiled,and then she looked out the window as she said softly - “ i remember being a daddy’s girl, always was, you know…i always remember my mother claiming, that how it was so unfair, i mean she did all the hard work, and i came out to be my daddy’s princess…and papa would always gloat about it to her,tease her mercilessly,as to how i loved him more than i loved Maa…its one of my favoritest memories of them…most of the time its the last thing i have on my mind, before them…so many times, i wonder if they are out there watching me…what would they be thinking…??”

I didn't miss the longing in her voice.I knew she was talking about her birth parents.I knew this was **** hard for her.

I held her hand and I whispered - “ I'm sure, they are watching over you, and you know what Im sure, they'd be so proud of you…”

She looked at me, and i could see the tears in her eyes as she asked - “ you really think so??”

I nodded - “ofcourse….i am sure so…”

She bent forward and kissed my cheek softly - “ thank you…”

I wanted to lighten up her mood, i wanted to make her smile, i wanted to make her laugh,and so I said, changing the topic - “ oh, btw, i havent sat in a bus in the longest time…”

Khushi gave me a small smile - “ well, im glad, we are doing a lot of unusual things together…”

I grinned as i said - “ ok, good, a little progress, i get a small smile, although i thought admitting another thing for the list would earn me a big grin…”

And she did finally break into a grin.

And i was at ease, finally,my world had lit up again.

So i looked out the window as i asked - “so yes, you have briefed me enough on our cab ride, about everything….but which of the Baggins actually lived at bag’s end?? thats the hobbit home that we will be seeing at the set right??”

She looked at me and she said - “ oho..i just explained you everything…bag’s end, is the home to the three generations of the Baggins family, like its the starting point of adventure, often referred to the door where it all began…”,and she began to fill me in.

I obviously had understood everything first hand, but i had to divert her mind,so i faked cluelessness again, and she laughed at my expression,and i achieved what i had aimed too. 

 The twinkle was back in her eyes.

 The laughter was back in her voice.

As I looked at her and right then I felt something i had never felt before.

I felt like this was the twinkle, and the laughter that id like to come home too, all my life.


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