All “About MeD”

The imperfection within all of us is the sole reason we marvel our way towards perfection.

“myeDuniya”(MeD) Entertainment Redefined!” is the word for that path which led to the globalized version of talent on the International Network. MeD is the India’s fastest growing community of readers and writers from the entertainment industry. It’s the free and fun way to read on the web. Everyday millions of people use MeD to read unique new fiction or share their own creative writing. For both avid readers and aspiring writers, MeD is the best place to discover and share unlimited stories and analysis.

MeD is Redefined Entertainment!!. What to know how? Read on to find out!

Evolving the eWorld

We, at myeDuniya, started in the fateful year of 2010 and become a household name with the blockbuster of small screen- Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND). MeD is not a forum but in fact it is an eFamily comprising of people across the globe who indulge themselves into inspirational presentation of talent. They needed inspiration, screen gave them that; they needed platform, MeD opened the paths for that. MeD offers latest technology which is not available with other Forums. Check out easy to use buttons and features that are truly unique and offers impeccable user interface.

Each individual serial and section Forums are managed and administered by a team of dedicated admins/MeDians. If you wish to be part of the MeD Team then do not hesitate in getting touch with us through “Contact Us”.


A personalized blog at your service in the form of your "myDiary", flaunt it in front of your friends and have your collection of work in a neat organized accessible way, at the click of a single button. Not only this but you are able to stay connected with your favorite myDiaries of writers that have captured your heart with their remarkable creativity.

Why go somewhere else when you can have everything you want in one place? MeD not only compromises of Hindi television serials but brings Bollywood (myMovies), Pakistani Talent (myPakTV) and loads of Fun and plethora of information sharing (myShare) to you.

Be at the centre of exclusive news, analysis and updates from your eFriends.

And if you have something else to share with the world then MeD's "myShare" is the right place for you! Share and Xpress freely!

Talent Unlimited

The talent around here is pompously managed with discipline and it is made sure that the it goes smoothly without much rocky takes. We, at MeD, ensure in our best possibilities that nobody remains deprived of the phenomena. Be it written updates, picture edits, video graphics or fiction tales (FF, SS and OS), we have introduced advanced options for posting a myView. You need to register (top right hand section) which take less then 1 mins and there you go.

All the content on MeD is created by its community of users. So far thousands of stories and articles have been uploaded to MeD spanning all genres of creative writing - from mystery, to romance, poetry and fan fiction or be it TV serial written updates and latest Telly Buzz news!

Your experience at MeD has to be imperfect with an unflinching thirst for more. Keep sharing and spread the fun and knowledge! Join hands with MeD efamily and help growing your own community – ““myeDuniya”(MeD) - Entertainment Redefined!”