My Message

no dreams are big to achieve[br][br]its in the hand of heart and mind to synchronize well and mak,e it possible

Who am I?

the one who doesnt want to come in limelight, the one who is not introvert but dont have courage ,to face the world

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

feb 16

What I love to do?

reading stories,watching series,and a big kdrama fan

Where am I from?


What are my obsessions?

whatever i do with my heart . i am obsessed with those things

Whom do I hate?

hate is a big word which i dont want to use

What would I like to be called as?


What do I do?

thinking about the purpose of my birth

What are my aims and desires?

aim is to do good thing to others and desire is not to expect more from others

What is my favourite dream?

a happily everafter with my love

What is my dream holiday?

nothing much an holiday with my love , no matter where it is ,if it is a decwnt place