My Message

I believe in patience. Do the necessary and have the patience to wait for the fruit. Every good n,,ews comes on its own time. You can do nothing but wait after doing your best.[br][br]So you know, ,what to do.[br]Love love???

Who am I?

Idk;)[br][br]A South indian teen still in search of her identity;);)[br] [br]A student by profess,,ion.[br][br][br]

When did the heaven cry for losing me?

On the 31st of May.

What I love to do?

Music is my life. It soothes me during my sad times and increases my happiness when i am over the,, cloud.[br][br]Reading is my hobby.[br][br]I am a beginner in writing after being inspired by ot,h,ers.[br][br][br][br]

Where am I from?


What are my obsessions?

Music. Anytime anywhere.[br]And of course my ear phones.[br]

Whom do I hate?

Hypocrites.[br]Judgemental freaks.[br]Rude jerks.

What would I like to be called as?

An awesome writer.

What do I do?

Study. Read. Study. Read. Listen to music;);)

What are my aims and desires?

To be a Proffessor in one of the best colleges/universities.[br][br]

What is my favourite dream?

Travel to all magnificent islands. Travelling is my dream[br]

What is my dream holiday?


Hard work always pays off